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Volume 1, Issue 8, December 2008


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I Desire Blessings

Ken Nix

Monday, 1/12/2009


I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and King. These are words to help my people understand the power that is found in being surrendered unto our will. You are to be soft clay that is molded by the hands of the Almighty God and also by my hands and will. Great is our love for the people of the earth, but man walks in the shadows and does not seek the ways of heavenly light. There are many that have hearts which desire our ways, but most seek darkness, and most of those of the light walk in partial light. We have perfect love for you, and our desires for you are perfect, but you must yield and surrender your spirit unto our spirit. You are of the spirit and your spiritual body is within temples of clay. It is not the physical temple that we desire to mold, it is the spirit that you are that must be yielded and surrendered to be shaped and molded by our perfect will. Why do you seek your own paths when our paths are paths of light and love which lead to the fullness of our presence? Foolish are the ways of men who seek their way and their will above our perfect paths and our perfect will. There is great power in surrender, but man seeks independence from my Father and I. How can you truly be independent from the Eternal Light when he holds your very breath within his hands and his light of life is what keeps your heart beating?

Our love and mercy are without measure and we desire to pour our blessings of love upon you. Be broken, and repent before me, and I will wash you clean in my robes of light. I am your Messiah and your tender shepherd. Do you think that I take pleasure in your suffering and pain? Am I pleased by broken homes and broken lives? Do I not hear the prayers of the child that receives no love and cries in the night? I am of the Eternal Light, and my light is mighty, and my light is the light of love and mercy. My heart aches and I yearn to rescue and save the lost ones of my creation, for it is I who formed Adam from the dust of the ground. He was my son, and I wept the day he and my daughter sinned, and I wept the day they died. I am love; do you not understand the power of our love? God is love and I am love, and we love all men and women who walk upon the earth, and we love our creatures great and small. All that have life have my light and my Father’s light within them, for we are within all living. I long to bring you into the light of my love, but man must choose. You are not forced to love us with the obedience of love, and our commands are not forced upon you. In the days of my kingdom I shall rule, and all who do not obey will receive punishment, and men will come to seek the light and shall desire to be in the fullness of our presence.

I desire blessings and not cursing to come upon you. Reach a deep repentance and change your path to one of righteousness. Wash your robes in the waters of baptism to receive the power of the Father, and walk in newness of light. Learn the power that comes when the creature within has dominion, and the temple of flesh is broken and in subjection to the spirit within. I desire joy and peace to fill your hearts and your lives, but you must repent of your sin, and you must become voices of light. Do not make allowance for sin, and do not support the ways of darkness. Be the voice that lifts others in prayer, be the voice that speaks words of comfort and love unto all that you meet each day. Let no corrupt words flow from your lips, and speak words of truth and love unto all. Do you not see, do you not understand that I desire blessings to be upon you? Surrender unto me and my Father and let us lead you unto life everlasting. Days of great sorrow are coming. You can rise above the darkness.  You can ride upon the clouds of light and come unto the cloud of glory. You can be one who stands upon the Crystal Sea and who is given a robe of righteousness. My love calls out unto you, come unto me and bow before me, call on my name and I will run unto you, and I will lift you up and tenderly carry you. I am Jesus, and I love you.”



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