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Volume 1, Issue 8, December 2008


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Give With a Cheerful Heart

Ken Nix

Monday, 1/12/2009


I am the Almighty God in heaven and my love and my mercy are upon you. These words are to be declared in the Words of the Latter Rain, and shall go forth in the days ahead. My remnant is small but shall not remain so, for we are preparing vessels to receive the heavenly light and the latter rain. So many people are blind unto the days in which you live and have disregarded the signs that are to be seen. My people, it is my desire that you grow in wisdom and understanding of the ways of giving. I have given instruction on giving and on offerings, yet many do not understand. Most in the world are led by selfishness and do not give with a cheerful heart. I gave you words on having a servant’s heart, but you must also give with a cheerful heart. Words have been given on your storehouse. If you have items that you do not need, and items that you do not use, or items that no longer serve a purpose for you, then you need to give them unto others, or sell them and use the funds to help others. It is my desire that you develop the heart of stewardship. All that you have is of me, and all that is was made from all that my Son and I made. Since you do not truly own anything why do you resist giving unto others? A steward is wise with the possessions given unto him, but also follows instructions when told to give.

I am your provider, and I take care of your needs. So many upon the earth are foolish with their funds and seek to purchase possessions that they do not need and can not afford. Purchasing on credit has led to financial ruin for nations of the world. Your nation and the nations of the world are feeling the price of being unwise with money and the possessions you have or desire. You spend as if there is no consequence for foolishness. There are principles of wealth that have not changed. If man would follow the principles of tithing and offerings as set forth in our word, and if man obeyed all of our righteous commands, your nations would be prosperous and at peace. Do not purchase what you do not need, and do not purchase what you can not afford to pay for. It is wrong to incur great debt, and to file bankruptcy and not pay money that you owe is evil and is a sin unto you. As my people you are to be honest in all thy business and you are to pay for what has been given unto you. It is my desire to bless you, but if you are foolish with what is given, why do you seek my hand to rescue you? Be wise and separate wants and desires from needs. Focus on your needs, and leave your wants until you reap a more bountiful harvest. I give you a principle that will help you. My Son gave you words on principles of giving, and the first thing you must do is to give my tithe unto me. The tenth is to be used as given. You are to also give me offerings based upon my love and mercy. You are to give as you are able, but I do not desire what you do not have. Purchase quality items, and maintain what you have been given. Learn to go without so that you can have what is needed. I say these things to help you to see that so many upon the earth have been foolish and wasteful with my blessings.

Give me what is mine first, and learn to live on what remains. In my love I allow you to retain more than what is needed if you are wise. All that you have is mine, so why do you not cheerfully give unto me what is mine? Give unto my servants who are of the light. Do not support the ways of darkness, and do not support those who do not claim the light of heaven as their way. Be wise in how you administer my blessings. Go through your storehouses and dispose of things not needed. Give to help others, or use the funds for your needs if your needs are truly needs and not wants. I give you your needs and many of your wants and desires, for I loving, and I have the heart of a giver. I am the Great I AM, and it is my desire to bless you with health, peace, and abundance, but you must obey me and be wise in what is given. Do not forsake those who serve you, and do not forsake those in need. Learn to give with a cheerful heart, and learn to have the heart of a steward. I shall bless the upright, and the broken are precious in my eyes.”



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