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Volume 1, Issue 8, December 2008


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Repent, and Seek the Ways of Light

Ken Nix

Monday, 1/12/2009


I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and King. Hear my words unto you this day. These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain, for the rain is falling and vessels are being prepared to receive. There are men who walk in the power of heavenly light upon the earth, but most walk in the shadows of darkness. I am preparing hearts to receive, and I am breaking the temples of clay to turn men into vessels ready to receive and be filled. There are men and women upon the earth who love me with the love of obedience and I am molding them into my image. There are many who claim to be mine, and I love them as I love all men, but they do not walk in the light of love but walk in the shadows. Light is light, and darkness is darkness, and if you walk in the shadows you are in partial darkness, which is darkness. Man has taken that which is evil and declared it to be good and has embraced it as holy. There is no darkness in me or my Father. The obedience of love seeks the light of heaven and seeks to obey us in the purity of righteousness. It is my desire that the people of the earth walk in complete obedience, but mans heart has been darkened by the lies of darkness.

The rain falls gently but soon will fall in earnest, and those whom I have prepared shall receive the rain of glory and shall walk in the power of heavenly light. Through them the light shall go forth and our words shall be declared. Repentance shall be their message of love. If you love me you are to obey me, and in your obedience you will love me and my Father with all of your heart, and you will love your neighbor as yourself. You do not show love for me by walking in your own ways and declaring that your ways are my ways. Evil is evil, and darkness is darkness. Your nations murder unborn children, and it is murder, for life begins at the moment that the egg and the sperm and the spirit of the mother and the spirit of the father join, for at that moment my spirit and the spirit of my Father joins the new life, and the new life is in and of us, for we are in all living.  How do you expect peace and blessings when you murder the innocent and profane my commandments? Nations allow pornography and perverse evil to be expressed as the freedom of the individual, as the right of evil to stand equally alongside the light. Darkness is not to be equal with light, for light is the power over darkness. Darkness has no power against the power of the light.

Your nation and nations of the world are guilty of innocent blood, and are guilty of disobeying my righteous commands and the commands of the Father. Shall I bless you for your evil hearts and sinful ways? There are individual blessings which fall continually, and there are national blessings which fall because of our mercy, but our hand no longer guides and no longer protects nations that do extreme evil in the eyes of the Almighty and then call it good. You allow men to be with men and women with women and call it natural and good, and teach this to your innocent children and in doing so you bring lies, and evil, and darkness into their lives. It is an  abomination for men to lie with men and women to lie with women, and it is an abomination to teach that this is normal and good. What man calls normal and good is often evil and against the pattern that was set forth in the beginning. My Father does not change, and I am the same yesterday, today, and forever. Light is light, and darkness is darkness. Repent of your sin, and repent of the evil that you have allowed and supported. It is not my desire that you hate the lost ones who walk in darkness, you are to love them, and pray for them, and to rescue as many as will hear the words of light, but in loving them you are not to accept their evil ways as good. Accepting evil and overlooking the ways of darkness is a sin unto you, for what place does light have with darkness? Be kind, tender, loving, and merciful, but do not accept the ways of evil. Do not allow evil to sleep within your home, you are to be temples of light, and your dwellings are to be homes of love, joy, peace, and light.

The words of light are being declared for we are speaking unto men in the latter days. Our words are mostly being ignored and have not yet been heard by most. Our words will be declared, and men will hear and read our words, and the hearts that seek the light will have to repent of the evil they have allowed within and without. Men must choose, for it is the design of the Father. All men have freedom to choose. Choose light, and choose life everlasting, do not walk in the darkness of sin and evil. Repentance shall be declared, and sin shall be exposed within the hearts of men, and then men must decide between the light and the darkness. Multitudes shall choose the ways of light, but most will remain in darkness, for the evil ones have deceived the hearts of men. My light shall fill the earth, and I shall return with my army of light, and the armies of darkness shall be destroyed. Prepare you the way of the Lord, for repentance and light must be declared, for I am returning unto the earth, and before I return the trumpets of warning shall sound forth. Come into my light, and walk in my ways, and rescue the lost and the perishing. My light is upon the earth, and my light is in these words, for these are my words and are being declared unto you. Repent and seek the ways of heavenly light.










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