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Volume 1, Issue 8, December 2008


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Ken Nix

Monday, 1/12/2009



The Best Rated

A radio station in our area, WTOP, has been a most helpful resource to commuters for many years.  Referring to itself as “Washington's only all-news radio station with traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the 8's”, it provides up-to-the-minute details of traffic accidents, slow traffic patterns due to road construction, and other obstacles to avoid.  Additionally, due to its helicopter surveillance, it directs commuters to alternate routes which are free and clear of congestion.  One can listen to the latest news and sports, but at the 8s, meaning for example 6:08, 6:18, 6:28, etc., one can hear the latest road reports and the latest weather forecast.  In the winter when freezing conditions occur creating icy roads, the weather and driving condition reports are invaluable in directing traffic to routes which have already been sanded, salted, or plowed.


Having had my clock radio set on WTOP, I would hear the weather report and traffic delays before rising.  It has helped me more than once avoid back-ups or road closures on my 27 mile commute to work even though I travel on back roads rather than the main highways.  One day I began hearing WTOP advertise that it could be considered your favorite radio station.  I gathered that this was in response to telephone or other surveys currently under way in the area.  Most did not think of WTOP when queried about their favorite station.  What came to mind were the music stations.  WTOP was merely pointing out that since you probably tuned into it the most, it could be considered your favorite station, and if it is, to answer accordingly.  I found that very interesting.


That led me to thinking about a questionnaire I had completed a few years ago where it had asked the name of your favorite book.  I wondered how many really had a favorite book, and I also wondered how many had time to read enough to have a favorite book.    However there must be many avid readers out there to read all of those best sellers and to have popularized them to begin with.  But  I certainly did not have time to read much so how could I even list a book I really liked, much less calling one a favorite – maybe some classic, or maybe a childhood story.   Does reading it twice put it on your favorite list?  People with children and/or jobs just don’t read much for obvious reasons.  Who has time?  So in response to that question I wrote “none” and moved on to the next one.

Sometime later after turning in that survey, it hit me.   How could I have missed answering that question?  I did have a favorite book which I have been read-ing for most of my life and it is the Bible.  It was only that I didn’t think of it as a book.  Like the radio station, it did not seem to fit into the scope of the survey.  But indeed it does. And not only that, it is the world’s best seller and has been year after year – billions have been sold and translations of portions of it exist in over two thousand languages and dialects. And, yes, I do have a favorite book, but actually I now have another favorite book, and will yet have two more favorites once The Latter Rain II and III are published. So look to your favorite radio station for direction when traveling along the physical highways, but look to your favorite books for guidance along the highways of life.  What could be better on a cold, wintery night than to curl up by the fire with some hot chocolate and your favorite book?   And don’t be surprised to see all of your favorites on best seller lists someday. They won’t need surveys to be ranked the best.





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