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Volume 1, Issue 8, December 2008


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The Servant's Heart

Ken Nix

Monday, 1/12/2009


ďI am the Almighty God in heaven and I am with those who seek my light and my ways. The days grow shorter for man continues to disregard the love of heaven. Days of darkness and sorrow are coming unto the inhabitants of the earth. My love and my mercy are without measure, so I am moving in the hearts of men, and I am preparing vessels to receive the outpouring of the rain that shall fall. The wise consider the paths they take and the times in which they live. So many men upon the earth have no awareness of the condition of their heart, for their focus is upon the darkness of pride and selfishness. I look for those with hearts of goodness and for those with hearts of love. In service unto others you shall find the path of humility. There are many who serve others, but the majority of men are only concerned for what is theirs, not understanding that all things belong unto me. In service you shall find great joy if you let the light of love and goodness shine forth unto others. You are the spirit within, and you are to become the spiritual man who is broken and ready to receive. In brokenness you can be filled, and in obedience and love you can become complete. There is completeness in service. There is joy when you help others and give unto others. Selfless is not the way that most walk, for selfishness is rooted in pride, and pride is the hearty plant that grows in the hearts of men. Even in service and sacrifice men can become puffed up and proud.

Look to the example of my Son, and see the way of service and selflessness. He was perfect in his walk, and he gave of himself and served others. Are you too busy to help others in need? Are you too busy to pray for another, or to lift them up with words of kindness and love? Pride is rooted in darkness, for pride is the root of sin, for it was pride that led to Luciferís fall. Goodness is the way of heaven, for I and my Son are good. All that is done by the Mighty Ones of heaven is good. The heart of goodness will lead to a life of service. Why do men seek to be elevated above others instead of being the servant who washes feet? The answer is pride, for pride is the root of selfishness and sin. The fruits of the tree of life are fruits of light and are rooted in goodness. It is my desire that those who call upon my name and those that claim the blood and name of my Son be people who serve and place the needs of others above their own. The two great commandments are rooted in love. You show love when you obey my commands and when you love your neighbor as yourself. My law is rooted in love, for my love is seen in all that I do and in all that I command. Pride led to the first sin and pride leads to seeking your own ways instead of my ways. Learn to be a servant. You do not have to change the world in a day, begin by being kind and loving unto your family. Share a smile and a word of joy with others that you meet each day. Show love by lifting them up in your prayers and seeking only the best for those around you. Are you envious when another receives a blessing, or do you rejoice? Envy is rooted in pride. A servantís heart is rooted in humility, and a servantís heart is a heart of love and goodness. Evil men can do acts of kindness, but to have the true heart of the servant you must be rooted in goodness and love and you must be in the light of my presence. I am love and I am within. Surrender your spirit unto our spirit within and let me lead you to a life of joy. My Son is a spirit and he is within. He desires your life to be filled with light and goodness.

Light is the power of the universe for I am the Eternal Light. If you have my light within, and if you walk in my light, you shall know joy and peace even in days of darkness and sorrow. The days of sorrow are coming, and those not rooted in the light, those who do not walk in the obedience of love, shall fail and shall surrender unto the ways of darkness. Be selfless and be the servant. Do not serve to be seen, and do not serve to receive praise. Serve others because it is the way of light and the way of love and goodness. Do that which is right because it is right. Pray for others and help others. Your prayers have great power, but your prayers are affected by the condition of your heart and your position in the heavenly light. You are to give of your increase and give of your storehouse. Why do you seek to retain what is not even yours? I bless the ones who give and the ones who serve. When you give food unto the hungry, I am there. When you give water to the thirsty, I am there. When you give a hug to the broken hearted, I am there. When you sacrifice so that others may know joy, I am there. The acts of the heart are not hidden unto me for I am the Eternal Light, and my light is within all living, for all living have their origin in me. I see all that you do, and I also know your heart when you do the actions of love. I know when you help others but do it with a heart of selfishness, and I know when you give unto others grudgingly. I am with the broken and contrite man, and I am with those who serve with hearts of goodness. I am there when you pass by the hungry and cold. I am there when you are too busy to play with your children, I am there when you fail to call someone you love, I am there when you are rude and impatient, and I am there when you curse and speak evil from thy heart. I am within, so I know all that you think, say, and do.

Learn the ways of light and the ways of love and goodness. Have the heart of service, and learn the power and the joy of owning nothing and being a steward of the heavenly bounty that has been bestowed upon you. I am within, and I wait to see the heart of the servant grow within. Learn the power of the servantís heart.Ē










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