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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 1, Issue 7, November 2008


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God, Our Deliverer

Ken Nix

Tuesday, 11/25/2008

“I am the Almighty God in heaven and I have words for the people of the latter days. Declare these words unto all who will hear. These words are for the Words of the Latter Rain, and are words to give you strength and words to give you hope. The people of the light grow in understanding of the power of yielding and surrender and in the power of belief. When the days of trial come upon you, you will need to be firmly founded upon our word and on faith in all of our promises. These are words to give you hope, for without hope men become lost and are easily defeated. You have been given words on the power of love and the power of hope in the past. You recently have been given guidance on the power of yielding and surrendering the spirit within unto my spirit and the spirit of my Son. You have also learned of the power of belief when you walk in that belief. Hope springs forth from a heart that is yielded and surrendered, a heart that believes, and a heart that trusts. If you do not believe and trust in our love, and mercy, and our perfect will, then you will not place your hope in me and my Son. Men place their hope in other men and things physical. There is no strength in the flesh and no power that is not of me. I hold all life within my hands and at my word all life would cease. Where is there power when you can not sustain your own breath? To hope in military might, to hope in wealth and riches, to hope in locks upon doors, and guns by your side are to hope based on the physical. I am the Great I AM and I have all power. Within my courts there is true joy and under my wings

There is peace and protection. Make me your fortress of strength and trust in me to shield and protect. Foolish are the ways of men who seek protection in anyone but me. I am not against weapons of defense, but I warn you not to rely upon your weapons and your strength to defend and deliver. I sent singers with instruments to defeat armies to show my power. The nation of Israel had an army, and my servant David was bold, and had mighty men serve him, but he knew victory was in my hand and my will and not his own.

When trials come upon you, will you seek resolution by your own hand and your own might, or will you yield and surrender and trust in me to deliver? I am the God who delivers, I am he who shields and protects. When you are sick, do you turn to the strength of man first, or do you seek the healing power of heaven’s light? It is foolish to disregard the advancements men have achieved, but where is your trust and upon whom do you rely? Medicine can help with pain, but most medicines of man cause great harm to the flesh. Do not disregard the ways of man, but let your trust be in me. David, you are my servant and you know that your father was once told by a most foolish man that I do not heal in hospitals. My children are in hospitals all over the world, and I hear their pleas, I hold their tears in my hand, and I do heal. Is it faith to die from an infection that mold could heal? I have led man to ways of science, but there are many natural medicines that will do what the harmful medications will do. I speak, not to confuse you, but to make you see that you are to trust in me to deliver. Use the wisdom given, but do not seek deliverance without also seeking me and my Son. If you have all of your hope in me, you will know my will and will see my hand move. I am he who delivers.

Having stockpiles of weapons will not save you, for an angel of light can prevent evil and spare you from evil far better than any invention of man. You must learn to rely upon me and my Son. Place your hope and trust in me. I AM that I AM, and I am the God who shields and protects.

In the days ahead you will need to trust in what you can not see but in what you know. You have never seen my face, but you know that I AM. Trust in my love, my mercy, and my perfect will. I am with the broken and contrite, and my ears are open unto the prayers of the righteous. You are known of me, for I am with you, and I am within you. Be strong, and find the power of trust and surrender. I am your deliverer and I shall guide and protect. Holy angels attend and the eyes of heaven are ever upon you. Be at peace and place your hope in me, for I am the Almighty God and I am your God and your deliverer.”



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