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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 1, Issue 6, October 2008


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Song from the Almighty - The Light Burns Brightly

Ken Nix

Friday, 10/24/2008


The Great Feast has passed and the moon still shines brightly in the night,

The light reflects upon the ocean and sparkles in the darkness of the night.

My people prepare to return to their homes, their week of tabernacles past,

Their hearts are heavy with goodbyes, but there is joy deep within all.


Take the light with you my people; let the light burn brightly each day,

The Feast is over but the light remains for those yielded and surrendered.

The light will stay bright as we lead you each day, be yielded and still,

 The light burns brightly within the heart surrendered and quiet before me.


The Feast is over but the food given shall provide sustenance in the days ahead,

It has been a Feast of spirit, and great truth has been given unto you.

Go forth, return unto thy homes, but let the truth within grow my people,

The light burns brightly, let the light shine forth, for I am with you.


Take my light and the light of my Son with you each day my people, shine forth,

 Let every thought, every word, and every action be in harmony with the light within.

I am the Eternal Light and my light is deep within the surrendered and yielded heart,

Let the light burn brightly my children, go unto a world lost and alone.


Let the light shine, and let your life sparkle as the ocean beneath the moon,

The light burns brightly within but you must yield and surrender all unto me.

Go forth from the Great Feast and be lights unto all lost and in darkness,

  It was a time of joy and worship, the Feast is over and the light burns brightly.




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