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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 1, Issue 6, October 2008


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Song from Jesus - Be At Peace

Ken Nix

Friday, 10/24/2008


When doubt assails you, when the darkness attacks, be still, be still.

When the army of evil surrounds you, look to the army of light upon the hill.

When Satan buffets and family fails and love that was is no longer,

When all seems lost and darkness comes, lift hands, lift hearts, be at peace.


Be at peace my children, be at peace my lambs, for thy shepherd holds you.

I embrace you with arms of light and love, feel my breath upon thy cheeks.

Feel the love, feel the presence, be at peace for I am within, my child.

I am the Lord, I am the Son of the Great I AM, I am the Lord, be at peace.


By my hand the light came upon the earth, by my hand light came within.

By my voice the mountains shake and the seas are tossed to and fro.

By my eyes the stars shine and by my will the earth stays still.

I am Jesus, I am the Alpha and Omega, all power is mine, be at peace.


Be at peace my lamb, I shall carry you when you fall, I carry you.

Be at peace my lamb, I shall search for you when you are lost, I search.

Be at peace my lamb, I give you cool water to drink and lead to green valley.

Be at peace, give me your doubts, fears, and worries, be at peace.


My children, my people, be at peace for I am within and I live.

My people let doubt flee from thee, be at peace and be very still.

The light fills, the light shines brightly, I am here so be at peace.

Call unto me and I will answer thee so sleep my lambs, be at peace.




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