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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 1, Issue 6, October 2008


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Journey Of Light To Atlanta

Ken Nix

Friday, 10/24/2008


Kenneth Nix

When Dave and I went on our two week journey at the end of August, one of our destinations was to be Atlanta, Georgia. However, once in the area we were instructed by God not to go into Atlanta.  On Thursday, August 28, 2008, the Almighty God taught us our fourth lesson. I will share part of the message that we received. It is listed in it’s entirety in the article, “A Spiritual Journey of Peace and Light” which is found in Volume 1, Issue 5, of this newsletter.

I AM. I am the Almighty God above all. I am the Eternal Light and I have a word of love and guidance for you this day. You are both learning on this spiritual journey, but there is much to learn. Today you will receive the fourth lesson. Yesterday you were obedient and did as commanded. You were told what to do and I opened doors before you. All that you did yesterday was by my hand. This day you were told to go unto the homeless in Atlanta and Kenneth prepares as he was led. The fourth lesson: is that you must obey, but you must also hear the word within and go as commanded. Satan has sent workers of darkness to prevent your path. There is danger if you go into Atlanta this day. Today you learn the lesson of trust and obedience. I AM, and I know the end from the beginning. If you go into Atlanta this day you shall suffer physical harm. The lesson for you is to hear and listen, to trust me in all things. Some may question why I asked you to go into the city if I knew that Satan would try to prevent your presence. Did I not already know of this they may ask? I know all events, but events are affected by choice, and by obedience, and by my mercy. Your prayer last night David was a prayer of great light so Satan sent darkness to impede your journey. I know all things but you must trust me. At times doors will be open and then closed. If Satan closes a door, I open another. He can not prevent my will, but I allow him to test the faith of my servants and my people. Kenneth and your father are to come to Atlanta next month and spend two days on the streets. I will tell you when they are to do this. Atlanta is a city of great darkness and I shall allow my wrath to fall... As you and Kenneth travel you will need to sense the darkness and learn when to push against the darkness and when to look for another door. I will always open doors for you, for you are my chosen and I guide and I direct.”


 My father and I did receive additional guidance and were instructed to go to Atlanta prior to the Feast of Trumpets.  We left for Atlanta on September 21, 2008, which was on a Sunday morning. We had not traveled very far when we passed a vehicle on the side of the road. I told my dad that we needed to keep our eyes open and not to pass by anyone that needed our help. When we passed the first vehicle, there was already someone helping them. The second vehicle was a pickup truck. The alternator appeared to have gone out. We unfortunately didn’t have jumper cables or anything else in which to  help.  A policeman stopped behind us and offered to call a tow truck for them. Though we were unable to help, they still expressed their appreciation that someone would stop to assist them.

We hadn’t gone too much further when we passed a van load of people stopped on the side of the road. We had to go to the next exit and turn around. We actually did that several times on this trip. When we got to the van, they advised it was a rental and that they had already called the rental company and they were sending another van for them. We then passed an old man in a small pickup that had a flat tire. We once again had to turn around at the next exit and go back. By the time we reached him someone else was helping. The next person stopped had all the equipment he needed and didn’t require help. Normally the trip to Atlanta would take around three hours from Woodruff, SC. This day it took us approximately five hours. We passed a total of eight

vehicles that were stopped on the shoulder of the road. God was teaching us not to pass by.  We were also taught another lesson: we were not prepared to truly help someone. Dad and I now carry some equipment in our cars. In my car I  have a multiple lug wrench, a nice jack (much better that the ones that come in cars now days), a small tool box, a roadside emergency kit, and jumper cables.  If we aren’t to pass people by, we need to be prepared to help.  We kept stopping to offer assistance as we knew this was more important than what time we arrived in Atlanta.

Once in Atlanta, we went to Grant Park. This is the location of the Atlanta Zoo. There were many families there and lots of children, and we lifted many in prayer. I sat and talked with one prostitute and prayed for her.  I also talked with one homeless man named James. He was attempting to play a trumpet. He had the case open to receive money from any good Samaritan passing by.  He wasn’t very good on the trumpet, but he knew it got people’s attention. James had been living on the streets for ten years. He shared with me that once one got down to the bottom, it was hard to ever get back up. I did pray for him, and gave him a gift certificate along with a copy of the parable, “The Perfect Compass.”  Before I left he shook my hand and thanked me for noticing him, for talking with him, and for understanding. We then felt led to go to the heart of Atlanta and drive around to determine where we would go the following day. Based on what we saw, we decided that we would park our car at a down-town parking area and walk Peachtree Street.


On Monday morning we proceeded to Peachtree Street in the heart of downtown Atlanta. We left our car at an all day parking lot and grabbed some messages and gift certificates. The first person we met was a middle-aged black woman by the name of Tonyett.  She asked me for the time and after dad gave her the time, I asked her why she needed to know what time it was. She advised that she lived on the streets and that sometimes she could go to a shelter or church to get a free breakfast.  I gave her a McDonalds gift certificate. She hugged both of us. We kept walking after that, not aware that we weren’t through with Tonyett, as she was going to be a help to us before the day was over. We passed a small park that had homeless  people sleeping under blankets as it was still early morning and was fairly cool. I had some Burger King certificates but there was no Burger King in sight. We decided to go to a McDonalds nearby to purchase some more gift certificates. I was unable to get any certificates as they were sold out. Between my dad and I, we still had five or six McDonald certificates. While Dad sipped his coffee and I enjoyed my breakfast we kept our eyes open on all the ones coming in or passing by.  I went out to talk with one man I saw that looked homeless. He, unfortunately, was spaced out and didn’t seem to understand anything I said and I was unable to help him, other than lift him in prayer. I went back into McDonalds. A man came in and sat down near the entrance and proceeded to open a wrinkled newspaper and read. I called out a hello to him and asked him if he was eating. He advised that he had no money. I introduced myself and was told his name was Johnny and I gave him a gift certificate, and he immediately got in the line for some breakfast. He came back and had used every bit of that $5.00 gift certificate. As we got up to leave, my dad looked back and saw the man had bowed his head to pray. Dad went back in and gave the man a copy of the parable, “The Perfect Compass.” He asked the man about praying. The man stated that he was a Christian and that he never failed to thank God for what he received.  While in McDonalds, Dad and I saw many different types of people come in. Some grabbed something to go and others sat down to eat. I never saw any one other than this homeless man bow their head in thanks. Many came in with  scowls on their faces, yet the homeless man had a smile on his.  So many in our nation have so much but are thankful for very little.


After leaving McDonalds, we started looking at different restaurants to determine where we could get more gift certificates. We ended up getting a few at a Subway and then more at a Chick-fil-A. We went back to the park where we had seen some homeless previously. I believe  Dad gave away a couple of certificates on the way to the park. Right before we got to the park we met Tonyett again. We advised what we were doing and she said she wanted to help. She told us that on the streets you look out for one another and consider each other family. She was from California and had been on the streets for several years.  She went into the small park with us and was waking people up and calling them by name.  All of the homeless in the park got up out of their blankets or up from where they were sitting. We shook many hands and talked with them. We were able to share some copies of the parable, “The Perfect Compass,” which truly is a good message to give to the homeless. Dad and I also quickly gave away most of our food certificates. I met Eddie who had been on the streets for seven months. I also met Larry, who was a young man. He told us he had only been on the streets for one week.

Once we got back on the street, Tonyett started telling others about us and we had homeless coming up to us. I thanked Tonyett for her help. She did warn us about another park. She told us not to go in there, that we would likely be hurt if we did. We heeded her advise. We decided to go get a few more certificates. Three homeless men went with us. We had run out of certificates, and I believe two were afraid they would not get a certificate. The third man, I knew was out for all he could get and I got an uneasy feeling about him. Once we arrived at the Chick-fil-A, we purchased a few more certificates. I was only carrying a few dollars on me and used a debit card. Dad had his wallet and cash. The one man that concerned me saw the money in dad’s wallet. He tried to get us to give him more and kept asking for cash. Once we got stern with him he left.


We decided to eat lunch at the small mall area we were at. After lunch, I told Dad that we needed to leave a different way and follow a different path to the car. I felt we should leave and he was in agreement.  On our way back to the car, we were able to help several more homeless people.

There was no shortage of homeless people and there were many more we could have tried to help, but I feel it was God’s spirit leading us to leave. This goes back to lesson four of the journey my brother and I had. We headed back to Woodruff, SC and didn’t pass a single person that was broken down on the side of the road. The trip was a success and we were happy with it.


When going to the homeless, it is good to go in pairs. Also I recommend never carry cash or a wallet. Gift certificates are good. Be cautious of alley ways and try to constantly be aware of your surroundings. We met some really sweet people on the street but also met the rougher element.


We both praised God for his direction and for once more teaching us his ways. As we surrender our lives unto him and his Son, they will lead us and open doors before us. Our trip to the homeless of Atlanta taught us many more lessons than we could have anticipated, and we both benefitted from the experience. It is my hope that the words of our journey will also help you. It is an awesome experience to be  the leaf upon the river and have them guide and direct our lives each day. I praise them for the experiences we had.




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