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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 1, Issue 6, October 2008


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Feast of Booths 2008

Ken Nix

Friday, 10/24/2008


Kenneth Nix

You used to always hear that it was the best Feast ever. Well, you will hear this again from our group that attended at the Beach Colony Resort in Myrtle Beach, S.C.  But not all groups can truthfully say that it was the best Feast ever. Some groups are literally starving for spiritual meat. The Almighty God was with his people as they celebrated this Feast before Him. He inspired some of the messages and rejoiced with his people. However, there was only one Feast site in the entire world where all the messages were given by the Almighty God and the Lord Jesus. There was only one Feast site where the ministers didnít bring already prepared sermons, or come loaded down with e-sword, a concordance or some other reference materials. Instead these ministers came with a Bible and faith that all would be provided.

The Mighty Ones in heaven in all of their faithfulness did provide in a mighty way!  Day after day ministers got behind the pulpit and were able to read the words all of us have come to love, ďDeclare these words unto my people.Ē

 The Mighty Ones in heaven provided us with a total of 18 messages and four songs while at the Feast!

I am listing the messages received in case anyone reading this article would like to order a particular message given.


1. Yield to the Spirit Within

2. Surrender to the Spirit Within

3. Be Yielded in Prayer

4. Fruits of Surrender

5. The Power of Heavenly Light

6. Prayer and Choice

7. The Heart of the Spirit

8. Love from the Light

9. Praise and Power from the Depth of the Spirit

10. Increase the Power Within

11. The Sacrificial Blessing

12.  Loveís Sacrifice

13. Lasting Repentance and Change

14. Loveís Changing Power

15. Broken in Spirit

16. Yield the Broken Vessel

17. Kindnesses Restored

 18. Prayers of Kindness


I would like to review another message that was given concerning the Feast that is not on this list. This message was given to the ministers to review at our last ministerial conference. It did serve to set the stage for the best Feast ever! I am enclosing the message as received on Monday, August 4, 2008.


Instruction for the Feast of Booths, 2008

ďI am the Almighty God in heaven. These are words to assist you with your gathering at my Feast of Booths. I have instruction for you, to make your time before me powerful and glorious. We desire the praises of our people, and we desire to be within your presence. There will not be parables given this Feast, but it is my desire that two messages be presented at each service. It is also to be a time of much praise, great rejoicing, and a time of united prayer. David, my thoughts are given unto you, and often my thoughts are your thoughts. Follow my instructions to make your time together one that will help my people of the light grow in love and power.


 1. It is my desire that my people read and pray together in groups. It can be within families, but extend the hand of fellowship and pray with your brethren to strengthen the bond between you.


 2. It is my desire that the structure for services be followed and the pattern of worship adhered to. In your group prayer, do not be eloquent, but do pray for the needs of others. Let others be the continual focus at my Feast. Look to honoring us by keeping holy the two great commands.

3. Take one afternoon and go out unto the lost and alone. My servants are to go out with all who desire to do this act of service. Go as I lead you. I will guide you David when you make the agenda for the days at the Feast. Go in groups of six and have great joy.


 4. As established, go to the beach the first night and sing praises unto me and my Son. We have joy when our people sing praises unto us.


 5. My servants, you are to follow the pattern given. Before presenting each message you are to read and pray three times. Do not prepare notes. You are to trust us to lead and to guide. I will lead David on the order that you shall speak. David and Kenneth will speak more often, for my hand of power moves with them, but all will have opportunity to declare our words.


 6. There will be a daily focus for the seven days of the Feast. I will give this to you David. Each day your reading and prayers are to focus upon the desire I give unto you. Focused and united prayer brings the power of light.


7. It is my desire that my people draw closer to one another. Do not sit with the same ones each day; do not eat with the same people each evening. Extend the hand of fellowship. The Feast is for family, but I do not find pleasure in those who are exclusive in their associations.

 Become one at this Feast. My servants- one night during the Feast each of you is to entertain some of my people. Extend the hand of fellowship and set the example. I will give you my desire on this as well.

Come before us and rejoice, but make sure all are included and that all feel the love and joy of our Feast. I hear your every word and see your every action. Let purity, holiness and love prevail at my Feast.Ē

The message above and the focus of the Feast were all included with our Feast brochure which also included the speaking schedule.  I am attaching the message from the Almighty God that provided us with the Feast focus.

Focus for the Feast of Booths

ďI am the Almighty God in heaven and I have words for you my servant. You shall feel our presence in a most powerful way at our Feast of Booths. You are to yield and surrender and obey me in all things. You shall be very busy but I will bless you with peace and sleep. Tell my people of my desire for my Feast days. Each day of the Feast will have a special focus. The messages will add to your understanding, and will teach you the ways of heaven, and my people are to let their daily sacrifices be focused each day. As given unto you, the set times for prayer do not apply at my Feast as the remnant are gathered. Let people join together often in prayer and praise before us. They will be days of much rejoicing and time spent before us. We will guide and direct our people. Let each day be focused upon what is given and pray diligently to have hearts surrendered before me. The focus is for the Feast of Booths as the Feast of Kindness already has its focus.

Day One: Focus upon being yielded and surrendered in spirit.

Day Two: Focus upon the power of prayer from the depth of heavenly light.

Day Three: Focus upon brotherly love and kindness from hearts rooted in    goodness.

Day Four: Focus upon the power of praise and the gifts of healing and miracles.

Day Five: Focus upon the blessing of my Sonís sacrifice and the power that is found in him.

Day Six: Focus upon change that is lasting and the power of deep repentance.

Day Seven: Focus upon the gifts of wisdom, knowledge, and discernment, and seek to be broken to receive.


As you can see, the above messages laid the foundation for a  truly awesome Feast.  We did begin the Feast with a reception, and then everyone went out to the beach. We all lifted our hands and voices as we sang praises to the Mighty Ones in heaven. As we looked across the moonlit ocean our songs were filled with joy. We then divided into groups of ten and lifted prayers of thankfulness to the Heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus. What a wonderful way to start a Feast! 

As directed by God, we sat with different people so that we could all draw closer to one another. We made a point of praying with different ones at the end of the services as we followed the pattern of worship. We had united prayer by going to different rooms for breakfast or for dinner, or even for late evening fellowship. While there we would do our daily washing in the word by reading a minimum of fifteen minutes together and then kneeling in prayer together. We grew in love and in strength as we became more united, not only in prayer, but in love and in focus.

The ministers all hosted a potluck in their individual rooms one night during the Feast. We had signup sheets without the ministerís names on them. After every one had signed up, we let them know what room they were going to and which minister was hosting them.  It was a wonderful evening. 

Also on three evenings we had signup sheets for particular restaurants where two ministers and their wives were heading groups to those restaurants. You didnít have to sign up, but we found that the majority wanted to participate and it made it where no one got left out!  We are family and God wanted to be sure that everyone was taken care of and was a part of the activities.

We then also had a special blessing of going out into the community as directed by God. We had two groups go to the local nursing homes where they were able to lead singing and meet and talk with the residents there. We also had two groups go out to the streets. One group went out primarily focusing upon the homeless. The other group went to Broadway on the Beach. The first group that went to the homeless was able to pray with people and share the parable, ďThe Perfect Compass.Ē They were also able to give away gift certificates so people could go and enjoy a meal. The group that went to Broadway on the Beach were able to lift many in prayer. They prayed with some and shared laughs and smiles with many. All groups were able to add people to our prayer list. Jesus has told us that the lost and alone can be the homeless but can also be the person next to you in business suit or uniform. All people need Godís love, Godís mercy, and Godís light. All of us found that people were hungry for something more in their lives. We all praised God for a very special afternoon.

The Last Great Day or Feast of Kindness was awesome and was truly a day of great power. We followed the instruction given to us for that day. It was a day of joy and a day of tears. It was a powerful day of prayer. We were divided up with a prayer partner. We took our kindnesses earned during the year, our treasure in heaven, and gave it to our prayer partner, for them, their family and friends. They then did the same for their partner. It was a day of giving, thus a day of blessing for you can never out give God.

It truly was the best Feast ever. When it is Godís will, and according to his perfect timing, I know that we will be able to share the best Feast ever with many more that will come to join us in the wonderful time of celebrating before God. We know that many who ran away when God began to speak will be led back to Him. We yearn for this because thereís not a single one that isnít loved or missed.



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