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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 1, Issue 5, September 2008


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David Nix

Wednesday, 10/1/2008


This edition of the newsletter is unlike the ones previously. We were instructed to have Kenneth write an article describing the key events of a spiritual journey he and I were told to complete, and to discuss the four lessons that we learned. We also received four messages from the Almighty and the Lord Jesus.  As you will see, the messages from them fit perfectly with the four lessons. I did not receive words of confirmation, but I am of the opinion that the message entitled, “Do Not Pass By” reinforces lesson one. The message entitled, “Matters of the Spirit” enhances what is revealed in  lesson two. The message entitled, “See With Eyes of Love” provides insight into the third lesson, and the message entitled, “Hear The Word Within” helps clarify the forth lesson that was given. 

It was a wonderful journey and Kenneth and I learned many things and we praise them for the lessons learned and the time we shared together. In the October edition we will once more follow the previous format and have different articles and messages. Please remember to send us any praise reports that you have and let us know how the Mighty Ones of heaven are moving in your life and in the lives of others. Due to the Feast of Booths, the October edition may be on a different time schedule, but it will be sent during the month of October. We are excited about the Fall Holy Days of the Almighty.  We continue to receive powerful parables and messages full of wisdom and love. For the Feast of Booths we will be receiving messages as we have the last two years. We were told that there will be a focus for each day, and I will communicate that once received, and if time permits we will post on the website. If you have not made plans for the Feast, or if you have never attended the Feast of Booths before, I encourage you to check out the Feast information on our website and  we invite you to join us.      David Nix


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