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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 1, Issue 5, September 2008


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The Light Within

David Nix

Wednesday, 10/1/2008


I sing of thy love and I sing of thy mercy, for you are the Eternal Light. There is none greater and there is none more powerful than you my Father. You are, and shall always be, and you are the Eternal Light of heaven. You are my Father, and you are also my God, and I worship thee.


I am of the Eternal Light, and I am light, for we are as one. Your light created me, and your love fills me, you are the light within. The Eternal Light is the light within all that live, He is life. Great I AM, I worship you, and I love you my God and Father.


Darkness fears the light, for darkness can not overcome the power of light. Darkness is void, but once light comes the void must flee the light. The light within is the power of the Eternal Light, and in you there is light. My people, the light of heaven is within you, use the light within.


Father of light, Father of love, goodness, and mercy, I worship thee. Your light is my light, and my light is your light, for we are light. Send your light of power; send your light of hope, mercy, and love. Let the light be within thy people and let their light shine forth.



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