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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 1, Issue 5, September 2008


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There is a Voice

David Nix

Wednesday, 10/1/2008


“There is a voice that speaks; it is the voice of light, the voice of love. There is a sound that echo’s within the heart that is surrendered and still. There is a love that grows deep within a heart of goodness and truth. There is a God above all that hears the thoughts and words of his people.


There is a voice that calls unto you; it is the voice of power, the voice of light. It is my voice, for I AM, and I call unto my people to hear my voice. Surrender your life, and trust and believe, for there is a voice that calls. There is a voice that is heard by those lowly and broken, yes, there is a voice.


The voice of heaven speaks but most do not hear, for they do not surrender. The voice of love calls unto you to repent and to obey the voice that speaks. Hear my words my people, repent, and come before me upon bended knee. There is a voice that will speak and words of forgiveness shall be heard.


There is a voice that calls unto the lost and alone, come into my light. There is a love that is greater than the voice of the darkness, hear loves words. There is a Savior who died for the sins of man, how glorious is He. There is a voice that longs to speak and say, ‘Well done my son, well done.’”



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