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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 1, Issue 5, September 2008


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David Nix

Wednesday, 10/1/2008

“I am the Almighty God in heaven and I have words to give unto you this day. The power within my people grows for you are beginning to believe that there is great power within you. Your lives are to be surrendered, and each day is to be lived in the fullness of the light. I am the Eternal Light and my light is within temples of clay. You must learn to be in and of the spirit, and to walk in the light of heaven always. These words are for the newsletter and will help my people to understand my heart of love and my heart of goodness. My servants David and Kenneth are on a journey of the spirit and they are beginning to see the power of the spirit, and they see that each day must be lived in absolute surrender. Read the words of their journey, and seek to learn of them, for they are pleasing unto me, and my spirit is strong within them. My people, you hurt and feel pain within the flesh. Much sickness is due to poor choices made and choices maintained. My mercy can overcome your choices. You seek to see my healing hand upon you, but you see with the eyes of the flesh. I am spirit and you are spirit. Matters of the spirit are more important than the ways of the flesh. I am God, and my mercy is as the stars of heaven and has no end. I hear your cries of pain, and I hold thy tears of sorrow. I move, and I have compassion and show mercy, yet you often fail to see my great mercy. You are a spirit, and your destiny is to live forever as a spirit within a spiritual body where there will be no pain. The flesh prevents the fullness of the spirit if you see with eyes of clay and not with eyes of the spirit.


Focus upon things spiritual and seek to obey the absolute laws of the physical and spiritual realm. I give you a pearl of great price…hearts of love which feel the sorrow of others shall grow in spiritual power. Tears of love move the Mighty Ones of heaven, tears of sorrow, and tears of repentance move the spirits of power. You must become of the spirit, and you must feel with the spirit and not the flesh. Tears are physical, but tears come from the spirit, for emotions are of the spirit. You can feel sorrow, love, and compassion without tears. Some cry easily, but their tears do not flow from the depth of the spirit. Others do not cry often, but their spirit grieves within. Do not look to physical signs to gauge spiritual things.  Feel sorrow within and let it be real and of the heart. Actors can cry tears and appear to have sorrow. I know real, and I know that which is counterfeit. Do not be deceived by flowery words and tears that come easily. Gauge the heart by the spirit. I respond to tears of the spirit, and spirits which grieve, and feel sorrow, and move with compassion and mercy. There is great power in love when it flows from the spirit within. I am the Almighty God, and I know the hearts of men. Be open and honest before me; speak the words of your heart and not the words of the flesh. I am not moved by eloquent words which drip as honey from lips of praise. I am moved by hearts of love, hearts which feel, and hearts which respond with actions and words of mercy. I am not deceived by men and women who say words to impress and words to appear to be spiritual.  Be pure, be honest, and do not seek to flatter me with lofty words. I know the number of hairs upon your head, I know the number of breath’s you take each day, and I know the sighs and cries of the spirit within. I know every cell of your body, for it is flesh and made by our hands, but more importantly, I know your spirit, and you can not hide behind temples of clay. Learn the power of spiritual love, and pray from the spirit, and see the power that shall come upon a pure and holy people.”


























































































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