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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 1, Issue 5, September 2008


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David Nix

Wednesday, 10/1/2008

 I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and tender shepherd. Hear my words of love and mercy unto you this day. There is sorrow within my heart when I see my people struggle against the ways of heaven. I am the light of the world, and I am the way unto life everlasting. There is no true joy, and no lasting joy outside of the light of heaven. It is my desire for my people to walk in the ways of righteousness, and to be shining lights unto a world lost in darkness. I have given many words to teach you the path that you must walk. Men walk according to their own will, for in their stubborn pride they refuse to obey the voice of the Almighty God above all. Hear these words, and let my words lead you to deep repentance and godly sorrow. My servants David and Kenneth grow in the power of love, for they are being led to see the power of love, and the power of continual worship. Prayers of light can change the world. You are to bow before us at least three times each day, for this is pleasing unto us, and helps to keep you within the light of heaven. You are also to pray for others and lift them up as you see their needs. Be instant in prayer, and pray for the needs you see, and the needs you sense and feel by the power of our spirit within.

We speak far more than you hear. Listen to the voice within, and be led always by the power of the light within. Hear my words unto you; do not pass by those in need. Give them words of peace and comfort and lift them up in prayer. Pray with them when the opportunity is there, but do not pass by without seeing with the eyes of the spirit. When you see an elderly couple driving slowly through a parking lot, do not pass by.  When you see the old walking slowly, or in a wheelchair, do not pass by. Look to see the mother with her young children, assist when needed, offer kind words and peaceful smiles, and do not pass by. Look at the teenage child with tattoos and pierced body, and lift them up with words, and with prayer, and do not pass by. See those lost in the darkness of immorality, and do not attack them, do not tell them how evil they are, give words of love, and give them words of peace and light, but do not pass by. See the hands which tremble due to age, and the ones who are bound within a body that is no longer aware of all that occurs, and do not pass by. Learn to feel their sorrow and pain, and take their sorrow upon yourself, and do not pass by. Walk as righteous and holy ones, walk the path of the anointed, and do not pass by. My people, you are to be lights unto a world that suffers and cries, feel the sorrow of those lost and in darkness. Strengthen the light where there is light, pray blessings upon those who treat you kindly, and lift up families and children, lift up the aged and the young. See with eyes that see, hear with ears that hear, and feel from the depth of the spirit within. Walk in the heavenly each day as your feet walk this earth.

Look into the eyes of sadness, feel the weight of their sorrow, and do not pass by. I walked the earth and I saw with eyes of love. I did not heal every person upon earth, but I healed all that came unto me with faith and hearts that believed. I had mercy on the lepers, and on the blind, the crippled, the possessed and bound, and even upon the dead. My Father does not pass by the broken, the lost, and the hurting. He knows when a bird falls in the forest, and he sees every event, and knows every sigh and every tear. You are to walk as anointed ones. Place a smile upon your face and give joy unto all you meet. Pray often, and be in the fullness of light, for there is great power in and of the light. Walk as I walked, and lift up all that are in need. You truly have never met, nor will you ever meet, someone that I and my Father do not love. Cry tears of sorrow, become soft hearted and gentle unto the lost and hurting, and do not pass by.

























































































































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