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Words of The Latter Rain

Volume 1, Issue 4, August 2008


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Become Alive in The Light

David Nix

Saturday, 8/30/2008

I am the Lord Jesus your Savior and King. These words are to help you to understand the power of love. The Almighty Father in heaven is love and I am love. We are light and there is no darkness within us. Man is made from the light that comes from the Yakahalahiym, for he is the Great Eternal Light. You have the light within; therefore, you have the love within. Man is capable of expressing and feeling great love. Man is also capable of feeling and expressing hatred and cruelty.  The heart of love can be overshadowed by the darkness, if you allow darkness to be within. Love lifts up the stranger and those of your own house. We have spoken often about the need to have hearts of love that are rooted in goodness. Tender mercy is deep within a heart of love. If you have a heart of love you will be moved with compassion, and the heart of goodness will lead you to show tender mercy. My people, I see your hearts and I know the depth of your love for me and my Father, and I know you have empathy and compassion for others. Love must be shown. Write that upon your heart. Love within calms your spirit, but does not benefit others, and does not benefit the Mighty Ones of heaven. I see the tears which form and flow down your cheeks when your heart is moved. I know the depth of your love, but I also see tears that fall, and hands which do not move.

Prayer is an action of love, and is your greatest power, but the fullness of love requires more. You are a spirit within a physical temple, and the spirit moves, but the temple needs love as well. The hurting need your touch of love, the hungry need food, and the thirsty need water. There is little value in feelings not acted upon. Pray for those in need, but, as you are able, also take care of their needs. Love is the power of light, for love has its origin and source in light. Love is of the spirit and not of the flesh, but the flesh needs the expression of love. I desire my chosen to grow in spiritual love, but you are temples of clay. Be the power of love, reach out unto the leper and touch them. Go unto the place of lepers and give them comfort and love. My children, love serves. You must be willing to do whatever is needed. There is power in touch, and there is power in listening, for each comes from a heart that cares. Focus upon the word care, for so many people of the world do not care. Men hide within their own lives and do not care for the plight of others. In the hurried lives of men they become lost, and comfort takes away the need to feel. When you are sick, you feel. If you are near death, you become aware of life, and you feel. In your lives of comfort you have become only partly alive.  True life, true joy, true feeling is of the light. When you help others you feel more alive, for the light is increased within. The power of love is the power of light. You must be people who care for those around you and for the lost of this world.

Men, at times, do nothing to prevent crimes such as rape and theft, for they are not fully alive. The darkness that comes with indifference subdues light, and the life is in and of the light. Be alive my children, learn the joy of service. There is no greater joy than to love my Father and I with all of your heart, mind, and soul, and your neighbor as yourself. Light gives power to light, if you do not strengthen the power of light, you do not increase. Light responds to light, so let a world in darkness see your light. All have light within. Become alive in the light. If you act upon the feelings you have, and the words you speak, you will become alive in the light, then your prayers will have the power of love, for you have known love and you have loved. Prayer is a great power, but it is more powerful when you are alive in the light. You have all you need to increase the power of love within you and within others. 

Go out as I lead, smile at those you meet, lift up people in prayer if the spirit within tells you they need prayer. Give comfort to the sick and help the poor. Go to the place of lepers, for it is the place where the forsaken and lonely live. It is a place of shadows where those trapped there never feel the power of love. Go to nursing homes, speak to the elderly, and visit the sick. Make calls and send cards. Do not be too busy to help all that need the light of love. To pray is a service of love, but prayer for mercy becomes alive when you know the person and know their needs. The spirit will guide in this. When you have spiritual love you see the spirit within, you see the light, and your light feels their light, and your light responds to light, and your light gives power to light. Become alive in the light, be beacons of light unto a world in need of the power of light and love.



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