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Words of The Latter Rain

Volume 1, Issue 4, August 2008


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The Embrace of Light and Tender Hearts, Tears of Love and Desire Mercy, Desire the Power of Light

David Nix

Saturday, 8/30/2008


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Embrace of Light

The Father of all living is a Father, and He is the power of love and light. When sorrow fills the heart of his beloved children He sends his love. He fills, and He surrounds His children with the embrace of light. Let His love complete you, let His light lift you in days of sorrow and grief.


The embrace of light is the touch of love; it is tender caresses of mercy. My Father and I are light, and we are love, we send love and light. The gentle breeze upon thy face as you walk unto the final place of rest. The birds which sing in the trees or the dove that appears in cloudless sky.


My love and the love of my Father is ever present, our embrace is upon you. The embrace of heavenly light is felt by those who seek our ways of love. Our nearness is known by those who cry the tears of sorrow and have grief within. Our love surrounds you, our love lifts you, feel our embrace of light.


The memories come upon you in the days that pass, tears of sorrow, tears of joy. The heart grieves, and the embrace of light soothes and heals with the touch of love. Celebrate life, and remember the love and joy, feel the embrace of light. Fathers and Mothers are to go before children; it is the way of heaven’s love.


My Father sends hugs from heaven; He sends his gentle touch, His embrace of light. Hear the birds as they sing, feel the touch of love in each sunrise and each sunset. Tender drops of love fall in the spring rain, and embraces of love come in the night. The embrace of light is heaven’s love, and it comes upon the beloved of the Father.


Close your eyes and remember the loved ones touch, hear their laughter, and remember their joy.       A life of love shall never pass, for it lives within hearts that remember and know. Hearts that have       known the tender love and soft embrace of the light of love. Embrace the light of heaven, feel loving arms, feel the embrace of light.



Tender Hearts, Tears of Love


“The hand of love caresses the brow of the loved one precious and so dear,

The youth is gone, and the days of life have taken their toll on mind and soul.

Hands of tenderness stroke the hair of one who faces life’s final battle,

Tears fall often, and smiles also come, as life is remembered and cherished.


In a room upon their knees my beloved ones bow and lift holy hands,

Hands of mercy, hands of love reach up to touch the face of heaven.

‘Hear me dear God, hear my intercessory plea and send mercy and love,’

My servants pray with tender hearts and shed tears of deep love.


There are dear ones dying each day, there are those lost and all alone,

Husbands weep, and sisters cry, and people everywhere search for me.

The tender shepherd, the Messiah of man hears the prayers and quiet pleas,

I am the Son of God, and I respond to tender hearts and tears of love.


My warriors go boldly into the darkness to face an enemy that is bold,

Go forth to save the lost; go forth to help the homeless and hurting.

My servants see the suffering, and with sorrow they fall on bended knee,

Feel the grief, see the pain and come before me with tender hearts and tears of love.


I hear the voice broken by sobs of sorrow; I hear the silent grief of spirit,

I am your tender shepherd and I know the depth of the suffering of man.

I respond to prayers without barriers and cries for mercy and love,

I feel, and I respond, for I am good, and I am of tender heart and I shed tears,

I cry, and I weep with sorrow, and upon man falls my tender tears of love.”



Desire Mercy, Desire the Power of Light


“The Great I AM is the power of light; He is the power of love and the power of mercy. Cry out thou inhabitants of the earth, fall upon thy knees and lift thy hands. Call unto the Mighty Ones of heaven to have mercy upon a world lost in darkness. Call upon their love and power, desire mercy, desire the power of light.


Thou people, do you take pleasure in pain and sorrow or do you seek mercy’s hand? Have tender hearts of love and seek the mercy of heaven as the sign of great love. Fast and pray for strongholds to crumble, be diligent in thy continual pleas. Send forth your light unto others and desire mercy, desire the power of light.


The world is lost and darkness has crept deep within so many hearts and lives, Let your light shine upon a world lost and alone, and reach out thy hand of love. Stretch forth your arms of hope and pull the perishing from the net of sin. Cry out with passion, beseech, and seek pardon, desire mercy, and send the power of light.”



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