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Words of The Latter Rain

Volume 1, Issue 4, August 2008


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Lifted Hands and Church News

David Nix

Saturday, 8/30/2008

 Lifted hands
This is a new section added to this monthly newsletter. I would encourage all to share items of praise. To do so simply email me at
Praise is something we were sorely lacking in until God started showing and teaching us that there is great power in praise and that it was something He desired from us. Remember when we first started to lift our hands?  Of course you do for we mention it often and laugh about how timid we first were. It was foreign to us but shouldn't have been, as we now see, scripture is full of references to lifted hands. I will not go to these scriptures and will only list a few found in Psalms, they are Psalms 28:2, 63:4, 119:48, and Psalms 134:2. King David was a man after God's own heart and knew how to love and praise the Mighty Ones in heaven.

Due to God's kindness we now praise him with joy with lifted hands and a lifted heart of love.

We have also been taught to praise in storm or in sunshine, for God is in all things and over all things. He is the Almighty God and worthy of all praise.

The praises I have to share are all of the sunshine this time.

The first praise is for my wife Julie. She had a mammogram done  a few days prior to going to the ministerial conference in Valle Crucis. It showed an abnormality and Julie was being requested to return for more testing. While at Valle Crucis, Julie was praying with Dave and Jesus Christ told Dave that He was going to heal Julie. Dave laid his hands on her and Jesus spoke through him. My wife was healed of cancer! She hasn't been the only one, in this past month we have seen three people healed of cancer. This is wonderful!  Hands should be lifted in praise to the Yakahalahiym  and our Lord Jesus!

My father was also healed of kidney stones. Jean Alexander was also healed of kidney stones. Wayne Alexander and James Massey both had something wrong with their hearts, Jesus healed them both.

The hands of the Mighty Ones in heaven are seen in all facets of our lives and not just in healing. Matthew Nix, had started a new job and lost it due to something that had occurred several years ago of which he was innocent. But it was on his record so this company let him go. Matt felt at peace, went into a place of business that same afternoon  just to get an application. He was dressed in shorts, t-shirt, and sandals. They ended up interviewing him and hiring him the same day. He is making more money per hour and has better working hours. Also the first job was part time as this one is, but this one already looks like it will turn into a full time position. Lift hands and praise God!


Church news


The Mighty Ones of heaven continue to pour out their blessings upon us. One of the blessings that I received was in attending the ministerial conference in Valle Crucis, North Carolina over the weekend of August 8-10, 2008.  We had a full agenda, and each day was busy, but what blessings we received! We discussed two new parables that had been given, four messages given just for the conference, and for our Sabbath service we discussed a message entitled, “Actions of Love.”  I was also instructed to pray with six of the eleven people in attendance, and they all received wonderful messages from the Lord Jesus. We were given instruction on the power of united prayer and fasting, and also guidance for the upcoming Feast of Booths. Valle Crucis is a beautiful place and I love going there. We had a wonderful time of prayer and fellowship. The messages that we were given to discuss were full of love and wisdom. When we returned, God spoke to me, and told me that he desired us to return to Valle Crucis again in November, 2008. I praise him, for it is a joyful place to be. The Latter Rain is now officially released and can be found on various websites, and hopefully in a book store near you.            David Nix



























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