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Words of The Latter Rain

Volume 1, Issue 4, August 2008


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End Time Update

David Nix

Saturday, 8/30/2008

 The American presidential election is only three short months away.  I have watched the candidates of both parties apparently “duke it out” during the primary process.  At this time we know John McCain is the likely candidate for the Republican Party as the other preliminary candidates have dropped out.  Barack Obama is the presumptive Democratic Party nominee as they will not have the Democratic convention (that may seal his nomination) until August 25-28, 2008 later this month.  There is still talk of Hillary Clinton calling for a delegate vote at the convention which may be one last “formal” effort on her part to wrest the nomination from Obama.  As a news junkie, I have paid much attention to the presidential race this cycle.  As we know, the liberal (left) philosophy of government is generally represented by the Democratic Party, and the conservative (right) is generally represented by the Republican Party.  However, over the last 40 years or so, both parties have generally gravitated to the left.  What this means is basically the Democrats have become more liberal and socialist in their thinking, and the Republicans have become less conservative and less constitutional in their thinking.  And we know it is ones thinking that forms policy, and policy results in rules and laws that affect the lives of people through governance.

We know that Satan’s plan is to thwart God’s plan for humanity.  Satan desires to see God’s plan for us fail.  I believe he knows his efforts will fail, but in his pride he refuses to give up and desires as much destruction upon this world and its people as possible before he is chained and cast into the Abyss (Rev 20:1-3).  To this end, Satan has chosen a basic method of operation that is familiar to most people.  I believe it is basically two fold: Divide and conquer, and the “full court press” aspect.  When I was young, I played recreation league basketball.  My father, who was always my coach, taught us at times it was advantageous to perform the full court press.  In doing so, the five of us played man-to-man against our opponents in an attempt to control their efforts to move the ball at their will, thus controlling or affecting all aspects of their play.  Satan uses this tactic by attempting to control all aspects of human society, thus exerting his will over mankind.  All aspects of human society…….banking and finance, governance, education, print media, entertainment, transportation, production and distribution of goods, militaries, redistribution of wealth, production and distribution of illegal narcotics, and the creation of men and women of power in all industries.  Satan does this through the creation and control of secret societies and other institutions that create and control power, wealth, and knowledge that he manipulates through people he raises up often through the pathways of pride, greed, and lust.  Think of cronyism on the grandest scale possible, but of darkness and controlled by Satan.  Of course there is cut throat infighting within these groups and organizations, but the ultimate goal is shared by all who exist at the top, and that is the goal of Satan controlling what we say, think, do, where we go, and how we spend our time and money, etc.  These statements sound somewhat outlandish and smack of conspiracy theory rhetoric I know.  But think about it for a minute.  Where is the light of God in these aspects of human society?  It is virtually nowhere to be found, and when we think we find it, it is often a veiled form of light with darkness at its core.  An example of this would be a criminal organization that does many charitable works.

We can look to the education, entertainment, government, print media, etc., within our nation and see a nation that does not seek God, that rejects his ways and commands, that removes God from its schools and courts, embraces and teaches morbid sexuality to its young people, rejects traditional marriage but celebrates homosexual marriage, and tolerates and even embraces strange and pagan gods and practices while at the same time often ostracizes those who praise and worship the true God of the universe.  A nation that refuses to let a godly man win national office, but demands to know if a candidate goes to church and where.  Perhaps the candidate must be godly, but not too godly.  Perhaps the candidate can believe in God, but not openly praise God or sing hymns at his rallies.  In future installments, perhaps we will look at details of how Satan controls these human institutions and the detailed effects they have on us.

For many years I have voted for third parties (even though I knew they would loose) because as a traditionalist and conservative, I saw the Republican Party abandoning its stated philosophies.   Also, when I came to realize Satan’s method of operation and how he uses the divide and conquer concept it was plain to me that we always were voting for candidates for whom we had to “settle.”  I have heard my mother say many times, “You have to vote for the lesser of two evils.”  Well this struck me.  The lesser of two evils is evil.  This year, Satan has one pro-choice (or as I like to say, pro-death) candidate (Obama) who in his own words said, “Sen. Obama has always had a 100 percent prochoice rating," and is alleged to support a woman’s right to an abortion at whatever point during pregnancy she desires, even partial birth abortions.  McCain has favorable ratings from pro-life groups such as the National Right to Life Committee; however, he supports embryonic stem-cell research (that is the eradication of a fertilized egg for research purposes) and abortion rights for victims of rape or incest, and has made some weaker statements on abortion which may cause one to ponder his true position.  Satan wins a measure of victory in either candidate on this issue.

But one may say current President Bush is pro-life.  He says that he is and ran on that platform.  But has he introduced any legislation to even attempt to lesson the number of abortions in this country in the almost eight years of his presidency?  Has he even used the bully pulpit to shame pro-lifers in congress to do so?  Has he dedicated any federal funds for the expressed purpose of educating Americans to the horrors of abortion?  I don’t think so, but he still approves budgets where federal funds result in abortions, often of minorities, but that’s another issue.  Bush did accept FDA approval in 2000 of the drug known as RU 486 (the abortion pill).  Since that time, the drug has been responsible for an estimated 840,000 abortion deaths in this nation.  America permits about One million abortion deaths a year. Yes, Satan continues to win.  Abortion is an issue that Satan uses to divide and conquer like he does with many issues in politics such as the environment, oil drilling, education, entitlements, taxes, etc.  Abortion is a very divisive issue that will cause the person of either side, pro-life or pro-choice, to vote for the lesser of two evils.  See how this works?  It doesn’t matter how despicable the candidate, the Democrat or Republican voter will almost always vote for a poor choice in an effort, in their view, to prevent a worse choice from being elected based on their personal ideology. 

The result this year is two candidates who on the surface seem so different, but in many ways are part of the same educational and political culture.  Your choice will be two candidates who support abortion to a greater or lesser degree with Obama arguably being a Marxists and McCain being a successful career politician who has flourished in a culture of darkness, and is very left leaning in his party’s ideology.  Once again the American people are forced to choose the lesser of two evils.  I do not see the Lord in or even behind either of these two men.  And we know vacuums are always filled.  So if the Lord is not behind them, someone else is. 

This leads to the question that is raised in many churches and by many Christians, Is it a sin for a Christian to vote?  Of course not.  However, if we understand Satan’s plan for humanity and his evil ways as identified above, I would submit there is really no point in voting in a Presidential election. Especially not at this point in history as our Savior’s return is close.  However, if something in your community is on the ballot this cycle you wish to support or defeat based on Christian values, by all means go vote.  In any case, national, state, or local, see the light of God in the issue or candidate you wish to support.  If the light of God is not there, consider your actions.  This is why I chose abortion to focus on with relation to this election cycle and Satan’s methods as both candidates support abortion at some level.  I will say, however, that both candidates proclaim they are Christians.  I submit no true Christian supports abortion in any fashion.  As all true followers of the Mighty Ones of heaven know, the human spirit, which is part of the light of God, is imparted to us at conception.  Therefore, any fertilized human egg, at the very instant of conception, has a spirit that the Lord must account for whether it is aborted, still born, or lives a life and dies at an old age.  The spirit of the aborted fetus goes back to God for safe keeping until the day of his or her resurrection.  Satan wins a great victory every time an abortion occurs because he doesn’t have to work to bring that human into deception and darkness after birth, which he works at with every human, even children.  If Satan wins a victory when an abortion occurs, how can anyone who supports abortion be a true Christian and understand Christian principles?

Lastly, I am introducing another section to this column.  It will be called Wars and Rumors of Wars.  When included, it will focus on recent and new conflicts which have broken out.  This month we have seen conflict and fighting between Russia and Georgia.  The strife between the two nations has been brewing for a few years basically over disputed regions of Georgia known as Ossetia and Abkhazia.  Conflict has also recently come to Cambodia and Thailand over a disputed area containing an ancient temple called Preah Vihear.  The conflict has to do with a recent acceptance of an application by the U.N. to allow the area to be designated a World Heritage site.  This has caused political strife in the Thai government that resulted in Thai troops being sent to the site resulting in some measure of conflict with Cambodian troops.  If these two conflicts broaden, we will look at them more closely in future issues.

Neil Gardner




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