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Words of The Latter Rain

Volume 1, Issue 4, August 2008


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Walk in the Newness of Light

David Nix

Saturday, 8/30/2008

 We are very blessed by the messages we receive on a regular basis. In this newsletter we have four messages that were given specifically for this forum. Two are from the Almighty God and two are from the Lord Jesus. This is the first one from the Almighty, and was given on Tuesday, August 5, 2008.

 ďI am the Almighty God in heaven, and I am the Creator and Sustainer of all life. These words are to help the children of the light, and all who desire to put away the darkness of sin and walk each day in the paths of righteousness. There is no joy outside the light of heaven; there are temporal pleasures of the flesh, but no joy of the spirit. Manís loneliness and sorrow is often due to his attempt to feed the flesh and forsake the spirit. You are spirit within a temple of clay, and it is the spirit that you must nurture. All emotions are of the spirit. All emotions, those which move you each day are of the spirit within.  When you feed the desires of the flesh you experience temporal pleasure, but the spirit can only be sustained in the light. You are created from my light, and it is in the light that you will know true joy, true happiness, and true peace. Why do you seek the ways of darkness when you can choose the ways of light? Life is your choice, you choose each day the path that you walk, choose the paths of righteousness and walk in the light.

What is the condition of your heart? The heart of a man leads his path. If you have a heart rooted in goodness, your feet shall desire the paths of light, if your heart is full of darkness and malice, your feet desire the paths of sin and evil. From the heart you live and move. Some men feel that their lives are unchangeable, that they must live based on the experiences that were placed upon them. Some were mistreated as children, so they use this as an excuse to be cold and cruel. All men are born into the light, and all men have light within. The heart of malice can be changed by the power of the light. Men and women who seek the paths of evil can change and can become in and of the light. The earth is full of people with hearts full of malice. Their hearts seek evil actively, or else they support and feed the darkness with hearts of indifference. Even those who claim to be of the light feed the darkness when they walk in the shadows of darkness, and when they walk in the shadows of indifference.  Do you not care that your nation kills their unborn children? Do you not care that your marriages and lives are under attack? Manís system is corrupt and you can not defeat the darkness by becoming a part of the dark ones army. Light gives power to light and light always defeats darkness. Your power is in prayer and in being lights unto a world in darkness.

Your life should be lived so that you touch others, and so that your light shines unto all, and gives hope unto those lost and alone. Your prayers have great power, but you must be in and of the light to know the fullness of that power. There is power in united prayer that is focused. Fast and pray for the sins of your nation, and pray that the light will join. Do not be afraid to be a voice which cries out in the wilderness of darkness. Hearts of malice take pleasure in sin and in hurting others. Deceit and hatred are the roots within. So many hearts turn toward the evils of this world. You who are of the light must be in the light, and rescue all that you can. If you claim to be of me and my Son, you must lose all malice within. When my people have hearts of envy and jealousy, or hearts that think and do evil, you feed the darkness and diminish the light. You feed the darkness by actively supporting those of the darkness. Do not purchase books and movies that are of the darkness, do not give to organizations that support the darkness. Do not purchase their goods, and do not support them actively or through your indifference. You must render to Caesar that which is Caesarís, but do not spend your controllable income upon anything that is of the darkness. Be of the light in all areas of your life.

My people, I give you power in my words, for my words are power. You must think, and see, and hear spiritually. Light gives power to the light, and darkness feeds the darkness. The more you remain in and of the light, the more the power of light within will grow. Pray together, and join with others of the light in corporate prayer and fasting, for I see the light and I respond to light, for I am the Eternal Light. Examine your hearts dear ones, for you have allowed the darkness and shadows into your homes and lives. I can melt the stony heart and give you hearts of love and goodness. Come before me, call upon my Son and by the power of his shed blood and blessed name, you shall be cleansed. Seek the light each day in every thought, word, and action. Be strong and do not allow the shadows to creep within. The shadow of my Son would heal the sick. It was the shadow of light, not the shadow of darkness. When you are within the fullness of light your life casts only shadows or reflection of light. There is no darkness in me and my Son, and we desire people who are in and of the light. Let there be no darkness and no shadows within. Search your heart and repent, and cleanse your life in the blood of my Lamb and walk in the newness of light.Ē



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