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Words of The Latter Rain

Volume 1, Issue 4, August 2008


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The Face of Love

David Nix

Saturday, 8/30/2008

 On Wednesday, August 6, 2008 we received another beautiful message from our Father in heaven. He is truly a God of love and mercy.

“I am the Almighty God in heaven and I am the God of mercy. You have received many words about love and mercy, and it is my great desire that my words have become more than words. My words are the power of light, and my words give light unto all who read them. Even the lost and alone shall be saved if they will read and live by my words. My words are the power of light and the power of life. My children, you must reach out the hand of mercy. Read my Son’s words given in the message entitled, “They are Mine and I Love Them,” and let his words move you to action. Love must be shown and expressed. Become the lights of mercy unto a world that is hurting and full of sorrow.

 I share with you the story of a woman beloved of me. Her name is April, and she lived in a time when all who were retarded or slow were placed in asylums for the insane. Many were fine, just a bit slow, others had physical defects, and some had spirits of oppression. Most were innocent and did nothing to deserve punishment. Most of the asylums were places of great darkness for the patients were treated worse than animals, and there was much cruelty. Those who were of sound mind did not remain with the soundness due to the torment they endured. April was born physically and mentally strong. She was dropped as a baby and her brain functions and learning capacity were slowed. She was called retarded and mentally ill, and at the age of four she was placed in an asylum. There she remained until she was thirty-six years old. My mercy fell upon her and she was delivered by a man of the light. He taught her to read and write, and she became his assistant. When he died she took over for him and she was kind and merciful. My heart is full of sadness at what April and so many others had to endure. Do you think that I do not care? 

Do you think that I do not desire misery and wrath to  fall down upon those who punish and torture innocent children?  I am God and my law must stand, but I wait, I wait. There is great cruelty and darkness in your world as well, for the ways of darkness do not change.

April was locked in a cold wet cell when she was six years old. She spent thirty years in misery. She was not given water to bathe but once per year. Her food was full of maggots and was foul and offered her little nutrition. All of her teeth rotted away so all she could eat was mush. At night the spiders and rats would bite her and her little body was covered in open sores for much of her life. It is by my mercy that she lived, but she did live, and once freed from the prison of torment she learned. She was a reformer within the asylum and tried to get others to see the horror of what was allowed upon the innocent. She did bring light unto many. She went to the small children when she was in a position to help. Most were like animals and would bite and kick her. With great patience, and a tenderness known by very few, she would hold them and stroke their hair and sing to them. She loved to sing, and brought music and light unto those within the walls of the asylum. She worked long hours, and she was merciful and kind to all. Most of the patients stayed within the asylum for their life, for their families abandoned them and none came to visit. April had a heart of tender love and showed mercy unto everyone that came to reside within the walls of her place of love. She never married and died when she was fifty-nine years old.

No dignitaries and no heads of state came to her funeral when she was buried on the grounds of the only home she ever knew, but every patient was allowed to attend. When time came to lower her body into the grave every eye wept tears of sorrow. Most could not read and were ignorant to so many ways of man, but each knew the face of love and each knew the gentle touch of mercy, for April loved them all. She would kiss those who had not bathed in months and she washed and cared for their sores. She nursed and nurtured 130 patients back to health. All patients after the light came were not as poorly treated. Under her care, none were mistreated. Of the 130 she saved, 64 stood at her funeral and each cried tears of sorrow.

Do the lost of the world see the face of love in your eyes, and do they know the gentle touch of mercy? Light gives power to light. Be as April and become one who overcomes the darkness by the power of love and mercy. Become people who touch the untouchable, and reach out to the lost and abandoned of a world in darkness.”




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