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Words of The Latter Rain

Volume 1, Issue 4, August 2008


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They Are Mine and I Love Them

David Nix

Saturday, 8/30/2008


On Tuesday, August 5, 2008 we received this beautiful message from our Savior. It is a very powerful message and I pray that it moves each of us to action.

I am the Lord Jesus your Messiah. My heart is tender unto the lost, and the poor and broken. So much of man’s suffering upon the earth is due to the disobedient heart. Men have rejected the ways of heaven and do not seek to walk in heavenly light. Men reject the paths of glory and seek the paths of      despair and sin. Oh foolish men, do you not know that there is joy everlasting under my wings, and that my love will lift you unto heavenly places? Why have you forsaken the ways of light for the ways of darkness? My spirit grieves when I see the foolish ways of men. When I walked the earth as a man I had compassion and mercy upon the sick and the lost and alone. My eyes shed tears for the plight of men who were lost and did not follow the ways of light. Do you cry for the plight of man?  Do you feel sorrow within when you see the hungry child, and the young girl lost in a world of darkness and sin? It saddens me when I see the blessed ones walk by the hurting without a word spoken or a prayer lifted up unto heaven. Are you too busy to help and are you too blind to see? I have a heart of mercy, and a heart rooted in goodness, for I am of the Eternal Light. My Father and I are one and we are perfect in our love and mercy.

 I show images unto my servant who receives our words. See the woman old and abandoned, for she is covered in leprosy, and no one will touch her, and her family has forsaken her out of fear. See her tears as she walks in the shadows, feel her loneliness, and feel her sadness and fear. The people of my day upon earth were terrified of leprosy for it was a dreaded disease. So many were abandoned to die and mercy was not shown by most. See the old woman stand in the shadows and watch her daughter and grandchildren pass. Feel her sorrow as she weeps, for she knows she can not call out, nor can she kiss the face she loves. Her daughter holds a new little one, and the woman longs to hold the tender child and feel the cheeks of softness. She does not even know the child’s name, for her family does not come to the place of lepers to speak with her. Feel the sadness and know the sorrow of being left to die with no one to care and no one to cry.

 Look my people and see the days of your time. See the old woman who lies in a bed all alone. Sores cover her body from the urine that she lays upon each day. No one comes to bring her love, and no one touches her face. She smells of death and no one wants to be near her. She is a mother, and a grandmother, but none come to visit, for she has been cast aside by a people too busy to help and too blind to see. Her daughter does not bring her new little one unto her, and she does not know the child’s name. See the girl who sells her body to evil men so that she can purchase drugs to fill the darkness of the loneliness within. See her put the needle in her arm, and see her weep over the life that she now lives. She once was someone’s baby, and all ran to see her and kiss her tender cheeks. Her parents once loved her and promised to never leave her or hurt her. Do you cry when you see the youth of your nation that are lost in a world of evil? Do you feed the darkness by looking at pornography, and does the taste of sin lead you to joy or sorrow? When you purchase movies that are of darkness, when you support those who kill the innocent, you are guilty, for you feed the darkness. Cry out with tears of sorrow for a world lost and in darkness. Become people of the light, and rescue as many as you can. Do not walk by the lost child without lifting them up in prayer. Make time to talk to your children, and kiss them, and love them, and let them be ever aware of thy love.

 Do not be afraid to embrace those who smell of death, and do not feel too important to change sheets that my beloved have soiled due to illness or age. Who are you to turn your back on the hands that once loved you, and still love you, and would embrace you without malice if you reach out to them? I see all that is done, and I know every thought and word. Tears fall from my eyes, for I am merciful and I am love. My children, you must learn to love from hearts of goodness that feel the sorrow of others. You defeat darkness by the power of light.  Do not feed the darkness by walking in the shadows. Be light, and let your light shine forth and rescue those in darkness. Do not hide in the comfort of your life. Seek out those in need and touch them, and pray for them, for they are mine and I love them.” 





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