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Words of The Latter Rain

Volume 1, Issue 3, July 2008


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Perfect Spiritual Love Was, And Shall Once More Be

David Nix

Thursday, 7/31/2008

This is a beautiful message that was given to our sister Jill when she and I prayed together on June 21, 2008. God and his beloved Son are blessing us and allowing us to know more of their fullness. They also continue to reveal to us some of the mysteries of the Bible. This is a beautiful message about the beauty of spiritual love. It was a message for Jill, but is a message that should touch everyone’s heart.

“See the colors my daughter as you enter into the cloud of glory. I am the Lord Jesus, and I take you Jill, along with my servant, to receive a heavenly message in a heavenly place. Do not be discouraged my daughter, for I only let you see the light, but you shall feel our presence, our peace, and our touch of love upon you. I give you these gifts this day for you have found favor in my sight. The Mighty Ones of heaven respond to faith and tender hearts which seek. Enter David, enter my daughter, look into the cloud and see Adam as he sits in the garden. See the waterfall, and the trees, and flowers, and all the animals that exist in harmony and peace. Lions eat straw, and none destroy in the beauty of this place. As it was in the garden, so shall it be once more my children. Look David and see Adam as he sleeps and I take his rib and form the dirt around it. See Eve as she is formed and made. See the joy upon the face of each as they meet and become as one.

In the garden there was perfect love, for there was no sin and no evil. There was only love and light. Spiritual love exists in perfection in temples of clay that are pure and clean. Look to see my children as they walk, and run, and laugh, with childlike joy and peace. Time passes, and the joy is perfect, and the love is of the light and complete. They lived in this perfect love for twenty-one years before the day that Satan came to deceive. Before that event, I want to share a song of love that Eve sang to Adam and unto me, for I was often in the garden with them. See Eve as she sits under the tree of life and sings unto her beloved and unto her Creator. It is a song of great love and great joy.


My Light, My Spirit, My Other

‘Oh blessings fall upon my heart this day, for I am with my light, and my love,

You are my other, and in you I am complete and know great joy.

You are in me, and I am in you my precious husband, my light, and my joy,

Great Lord, my King and Creator, I see your face of love and joy, I praise.


We live in this perfect place of love, a place of light and great joy,

I come unto my love to feel your touch of joy and feel your breath in me.

You are my light, you are my spirit, and you are my other,

From you I was formed and in you I am one, for you are my light, my other.


Great God above, your Son tells me of your love and goodness, I praise you,

My Lord, yours is a perfect love, I see your eyes of blue and smile as the sun.

I have joy with my other, with my light and my spirit, He is my breath,

May I forever obey him and you my God, may I ever be in heavens light.’


Eve failed when pride entered in, and they left the garden, and in travail they labored. The light of love was never the same for my children. My son Adam did not sin due to deception or pride. Eve’s sin meant she had to leave the garden, for she would have eaten of the tree of life. My son Adam cried tears of sorrow, but he took of the tree, for Eve was his light, his spirit, his other.

In the garden there was spiritual love that was perfect. They loved me with all their heart, mind, and soul. The day is coming when sin shall be destroyed and man shall once more know the joy of spiritual love. For without sin and darkness man shall keep the two great commands with perfection. I love you David and I love you my daughter, cherish these words and share them with all my children. I long to join you upon the sea of glass when we shall all be together as one. I am your Creator and Savior, and I have great love for all men, for all men are created from the light of heaven. Each of you is my light, my spirit, and my other.”



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