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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 6, Issue 3


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David Nix

Monday, 10/28/2013

I am the Lord Jesus, your Messiah and gentle shepherd. I bless you with words that are to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain. My words are to help my people to see the power of that which is established, that which changes not. My Father changes not, and I am the same yesterday, today and forever. Our law is established in the heavens and our holiness is a constant light that shall never be diminished. You must be established in light and you must apply principles of holiness so that you will stand fast when the storms of life come upon you. It is my desire that Psalms 119:89-94, be placed within my words.

Psalms 119:89-94, "Forever, O Lord, your word is settled in heaven.  (90)  Your faithfulness is unto all generations: you have established the earth, and it abides.  (91)  They continue this day according to your ordinances: for all are your servants.  (92)  Unless your law had been my delight, I should then have perished in my affliction.  (93)  I will never forget your precepts: for with them you have quickened me.  (94) I am yours, save me; for I have sought your precepts.”

I am a constant light and you must also be constant lights, so you must build your life upon that which is established, that which changes not. Our word is settled in heaven and our law and commands abide forever. There are things that must be firmly established and things which change not in your lives. In your world there are few things that stay constant for darkness has taken away many of the foundational truths that all human life should be built upon. Man has changed my truth into lies and has changed my commands into permission to sin and to do that which is evil. I am the Rock that changes not and our truth is a constant light that shines forth for all ages. The moral fabric of your nation is torn and tattered but my word stands constant and my truth changes not. There is power in things that are firmly established, things which are constant and sure. Our love is constant and our goodness and mercy are unto everlasting.

What things are firmly established in your life and are there things in your heart that will not change? Are you a person of truth who will stand for truth no matter what the cost? A life built upon sand will crumble, but a life built upon the rock of my unchanging truth shall stand. You must be men and women of integrity, people who stand for truth and people who will not compromise truth. Do not compromise with darkness for light must stand fast and never join unto that which is darkness. You must stand upon my unchangeable word and my everlasting truth. You must be established in light and truth and change not. This day by the power of the Cloud of Glory my servant of the latter days shall once more cross the ocean of time and shall receive words from our servant Job, for he was a man who built his life upon that which is established in truth and that which is constant and changes not. My servant shall see Job as he speaks with a gathering of people at his home of light. Let my words and the words of Job give you strength this day.


‘Welcome my friends to our home of light and it is my desire that all of you have a day of joy and peace as we gather together to worship the Lord and to learn more about his unchangeable truth. There is much that changes in our lives as we go through the days and seasons of life, but there are things that should be firmly established in our life, things that do not change, things that are constant and sure. I desire to speak about some of the things that change not so that we can build our lives upon the pure and unchangeable truths of the Lord. I give unto you three things about the Lord that are eternal, three things that will never change for the Lord is eternal.


1. The Lord is unchangeable in his fairness and his judgment. The Lord is fair in his rewards and he is just in his punishments. The Lord loves all men and desires all men to walk in obedience to his law and to do that which is good, just and holy. All sin is based on choice, and the Lord guides the hearts that seek him, but unto the lost he shall reveal truth before his judgment comes upon them. To punish the innocent would not be fair and just and the Lord is always just. We must be more than a reflection of the goodness of the Lord, we must be vessels of his goodness and we must be fair in all of our judgments and good unto all men. The fairness of the Lord gives power to many things and we must be fair in all of our deeds.

2. The Lord is good all of the time, there is no wickedness and no evil within him. All of his judgments are fair and all of his words and actions are good and holy. Goodness and fairness give power to his mercy and love, for our God is a just and holy God and his judgments are just and upright. Ponder how fairness and goodness give power to so many aspects of our lives. We must stand fast in the judgments and truths of the Lord, and we must be unchangeable and unmovable in being fair, just and good. Put away all evil for evil prevents fairness and changes judgment and turns that which is good into that which is evil. We must be good in all that we think, say and do and we must put away all evil.

3. The Lord is righteous and holy. If these two things were unchangeable attributes in our lives we would be vessels of goodness,    and our judgments would be fair and all of our actions would be most pleasing unto the Lord. The just ways of the Lord reveal his desire so those who seek will know the way of holiness. Our God is not hidden from man and men can know the paths of the Lord if they seek. To be holy requires the presence of the Lord, and to be righteous requires great love and sacrifice.  If we can be steadfast in the ways of righteousness then we will be holy before the Lord. The Lord is holy; this is constant and will never change. Since he is holy, all of his words and deeds are holy and all of his judgments are fair, good, just and holy. We must walk in integrity and we must always do that which we know is good. Walk each day to please our God who is holy and we will grow in the power of his unchangeable light and truth.’


There are many truths that are to be steadfast and unchangeable in your life. Be fair and just, and let goodness and righteousness keep you in the place of our holiness.”





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