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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 6, Issue 3


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David Nix

Monday, 10/28/2013

"I am the Lord Jesus, your Messiah and gentle shepherd. I bless you with words that are to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and these are words to take my people deeper into the power and glory of heaven. This day by the power of my Father’s Cloud of Glory you shall receive words from one whose heart was pure and whose life was filled with love and goodness. My mother on earth was Mary and this day you shall see her as she speaks unto two of her granddaughters. Men are foolish to think that Joseph and Mary did not have other children, and from their children there are many upon the earth this day. Mary was a kind and gentle woman and she taught principles of light unto her children and grandchildren. There is a reason for all that we do, and there is a purpose first established by my Father, and it is his purpose that the words of Mary be given unto you this day. Her words are words of light and power, and her words are of benefit to all of my people, but her words shall speak clearly to the hearts of my daughters, for the women of my flock have a great work before them and they must be gentle, kind, and loving, and   the spirit of love and hospitality must be ever present in your homes and in my congregation. My words are few, and the words of Mary are few, but there is power in all that is given. It is my desire that you place Psalms 27:4, within my words.


Psalms 27:4, "One thing have I desired of the Lord, that will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to enquire in his temple.”


To dwell with us you must be holy, and to see our beauty you must be vessels of beauty. I do not speak of the beauty of the flesh but the beauty of the heart and spirit. Love that is rooted in light is beautiful, for light is beautiful, and all that is rooted in light is fair and of great beauty. Be vessels of beauty and let the light of heaven shine forth from you, and let all that you think, say, and do bring glory and honor unto me and my Father and peace unto your hearts, for there is great peace when your life is lived as a vessel of heavenly beauty. Seek to be people of integrity and seek to be vessels that shine forth heavenly beauty in all that you do for this is pleasing unto me and brings joy unto me and my Father.


‘Come closer my children and I shall speak. You are both beautiful girls and it is my desire to give power to your hearts of love. Your mothers teach you how to be a good wife and mother by their actions and their words, and it is my desire to add to the foundation already laid. You are both old enough to learn more about the proper care of a family, but of this I will not speak for that is the role of your parents to teach. I desire to speak about the power of love and the gentleness and great beauty of heavenly light. Physical beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and all physical beauty does pass, but the beauty of the heart is everlasting. It is my prayer that all my children and grandchildren be vessels of heavenly beauty. We are a family greatly blessed for unto our dwelling God sent his only Son, so we have a heritage of light and love and we have the memory of heavenly beauty made flesh. I give unto you ten simple principles to be women of heavenly beauty, to be lights of mercy, gentleness, and love so that you will be pleasing to the Lord God and our Messiah and also most pleasing to all who meet you in your life.


We are to be pleasing unto the Lord, but we must also seek the beauty of heaven to shine forth from our lives so that all will see and know that we walk the path of heavenly light. As you grow, you will learn and someday you will marry and be joined unto a man. I pray that your homes will be filled with children and with great peace and heavenly joy. Pay heed to my words and live by the traditions and truths that our family holds dear. Be vessels of heavenly beauty and be women who stand steadfast upon the word of God and upon the teachings of our Messiah. Light gives power to light, and the principles of light that I give unto you will give power to your lives. I shall repeat these principles unto you often until they are part of the foundation of your life.


1. Truth is to be highly esteemed and truth is to guide all that you do.

2. Love is not always the easiest path but is the path you must always walk.

3. Never sacrifice truth and love for desires not rooted in truth and love.

4. Build a family upon love and let your home always be a place of hospitality and love. Love must be your foundation.

5. Never speak or correct in anger, be gentle and kind and let mercy be ever nigh.


6. Love the Lord God and Jesus first, and love your husband second, and this will give power to all love.

7. Always give more than is expected.

8. Love must be expressed clearly and often for a vessel of heavenly beauty shall be a vessel of great love.

9. See the beauty in all people and seek to nurture that beauty by pouring forth heavenly light.

10. Begin and end each day with prayer and let prayer be your shield, your light and your legacy.


My children, there are so many lessons to learn but the ten things given will build upon the foundation of truth that is within your hearts. Life is filled with choices so choose to take the path of love always and choose to be vessels of heavenly beauty.’

See the power in these simple truths and let them give power to the foundation of truth that is within your hearts. It is time to be loving and kind unto all and it is time to always be vessels of heavenly beauty.”







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