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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 6, Issue 3


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David Nix

Monday, 10/28/2013

"I am the Lord Jesus, your Messiah and gentle shepherd. I bless you with words that are to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and my words shall help my people to speak forth the Amen of faith and to believe and to stand firm and steadfast upon our word. There is excitement in the hearts of my people as they seek mighty things. It is time to believe and to let the Amen of faith be heard and to cry out for the thunder of our power to come upon you. It is my desire that you place Psalms 66:20, within my words. Psalms 66:20, "Blessed be God, who has not turned away my prayer, or his mercy from me.”

We will never turn away from the prayers of those who seek us with pure hearts and steadfast hope. We will never turn away and remove our mercy from those who seek to be holy, those who place their hope and trust in us. This day by the power of the Cloud of Glory you shall be blessed to receive words from our servant Elihu, for he was a man of great faith and a man who was kind and merciful. We will never turn away from you my servant, but to be nigh, you must be holy, and all that you do must be according to my will and my desire. Turn unto me, and I shall come unto you. I see my people, and I wait on hearts to turn steadfast unto heaven and to never turn away. Let my words and the words of Elihu help you to stand fast and to look unto your maker with a steadfast hope and a faith that will not waver. It is my desire that you place Psalms 84:11-12, within my words.


Psalms 84:11-12, "For the Lord God is a sun and shield: the Lord will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly.  (12) O Lord of hosts, blessed is the man that trusts in you.”


Trust in me and believe, turn your face toward my path and walk the path of our choosing, and let each day be spent in holiness, and walk in the faith that is rooted in the heart and let your heart never turn away from my law, my commands, my will and my desire. So much waits on hearts that will believe and never turn away. My servant of the latter days shall see Elihu as he speaks unto a gathering at his home of light. See the power and the wisdom in all that is given unto you this day, for all that we give is given for a purpose and all is given when most needed. Stand upon our word and seek to see, to hear, and to understand and let the Amen of faith be ever upon your lips.


‘Welcome to our home my friends, it is good to have you with us this day and it is my prayer that all will grow in the power and joy of the Lord our God. I will speak and then we can discuss my words, and then we can discuss whatever is within your hearts, for we are here to learn from each other and we are here to be led by the Lord God. All that we do must be rooted in heavenly truth and all must be built upon the foundation of holiness, for the Lord is truth and light and the Lord is holy. We gather in the name of the Lord to worship the Lord. This is why we pray when we gather so that the presence of the Lord will shine down upon us and fill our hearts and our minds. To gather in his name makes our coming together more than just a meal, and more than just a gathering of friends; the presence of the Lord blesses our time together and brings his promises nigh unto us, for there is great power when we gather together in his name to worship and to learn of him. Let us turn our faces unto heaven and our hearts unto the Lord and let all that we think, say, and do this day be most pleasing unto him. I speak of this to teach you a valuable lesson. All things are given power when we include the presence of the Lord and seek his blessings upon that which we do. This does not mean that the Lord will bless evil or be nigh unto us when we do evil, but when we do that which is good, just, and holy, the Lord is pleased, and if we seek his presence, his presence will give power to all that we do, for in his presence there is light and his light is power.


We ask the Lord to guide us each day and we ask the Lord to order our steps. We must look to the Lord in all things, and all that we do must be within his will and his desire, for we want the eyes of the Lord to be ever upon us, and we want our hearts focused and joined to him, and we desire our eyes and our hearts to never turn away from the Lord. If we seek that which is evil, the Lord does not abandon us, but he does remove his presence, for the Lord will not join us in evil. All sin is a barrier and we must stay in the place of holiness. We do not have to be perfect, but we do have to stay nigh. If you fail, cry out quickly and turn your heart to the Lord. We gather in the name of the Lord, and this brings power, but we must remain in his presence and never turn away. The power to not turn away is found in the Lord, for if we turn to him, he will turn again to us. I give unto you three simple principles of truth to help you to seek his presence to be with you and his blessings on all that you do so that we will never turn away from that which is good, just and holy.


1. Know the will of the Lord. To have the presence of the Lord with us always we must always do that which he will bless, so to stay in the place of blessings we must know his will and desire. There is power in staying within the will of the Lord, and if we seek his presence to fill us and to guide us, we will also walk in the greater power which is doing both his will and his desire.


2. Sacrifice your desires and your will and lay your heart upon his altar. It is desire that causes man to turn away from the Lord, so our desires must be ever surrendered unto his desire. Do not turn away from his desires to seek your own desire, for if he leads us each day, all that we truly desire will be pleasing and his presence will never leave us.


3. Be led by his presence and let your hearts be joined unto the Lord, and then follow your heart. Do not turn away from his presence. Do not look with the eyes of the flesh but let his light guide you. His light is a constant light, and his light brightly shines in trials and sorrows, and his light brightly shines in our days of joy. When you know his desires and his will, you will know the presence of the Lord and his heavenly light will guide you, so never turn away, and let the Lord give power to all that you do.’


See the power of what is given unto you this day, for hearts that never turn away shall follow the path of our desire and voices shall speak the Amen of faith, and steadfast in our presence you shall stand.”







































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