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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 6, Issue 2


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David Nix

Monday, 9/16/2013

Restored Upon the Path         August 26, 2013


"I am the Lord Jesus, your Messiah and gentle shepherd and I give unto you words that are to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain, and these are words to help my people to seek the chosen path for their lives and to stay within the bounds and borders set forth for their days. Only in complete surrender and absolute obedience will you walk the path set forth for your life for only my Father and I know the path established for your life. Men do not know the number of their days and no man has power to determine their set time or their habitation, for the time of birth and the place of birth is only known by the Great Ancient of Days. Once born men go where taken by their parents, but once men and women are adults they choose where they reside but even this is often set forth by the will of heaven. To fulfill the purpose first established for your life you must surrender unto that purpose, and this is only done through obedience unto our every desire for you do not fully know unto what purpose you were born. You know the destination of our Kingdom, but the walk unto that destination is a journey that has been established and it will be a good journey if walked as we desire. The freedom to choose has made for many crooked paths and many lost journeys, but if you will seek, if you will surrender unto our will and walk in obedience unto our commands and our desire, then you can be restored upon the path set forth for your life. Many of you have not lived your lives within our will, and behind you there is a trail of broken dreams, broken promises and broken lives, but if you draw breath, you have within you the power to repent and to change and to be restored unto the path of our will.


Rebellion removes man from the path chosen, and restoration unto the path chosen for each life can only be found in the power of my blood and my name for I am the way unto the Father, and I am the way unto restoration of all that is meant to be. Men who do not walk in obedience change the perfect destiny established for every life, but in this life or in the life to come, I am the power to restore all men upon the true path intended. Why do you wait for my Kingdom to know peace and joy, for if you walk the chosen path in this life, it will lead to a greater destiny, for what was set forth for every man and every woman is perfect if life is lived in our will and within our desire? Surrender your all and seek to be made whole, seek to be made new, and seek to be restored unto the path established for your life, the path established before your life was set forth and established by the Great and Mighty I AM. I give unto you seven principles to help you to seek restoration and principles to help you to walk the path set forth for your life.


1. You must become soft clay in the hands of my Father for he is the great potter for only he knows the beginning and the end of all things. If you have marred the pattern set forth for your life, if you have walked the paths of your own will, then you must begin with repentance and acknowledgment of your selfish will. Even after your baptism you all have walked the path of stubbornness and rebellion, so to be restored upon the path determined you must acknowledge your willful disobedience and your stubborn heart, and you must seek the Lord God above all things to remove the stains upon your robe, and you must cry out to him in my name to be restored unto that which was his purpose first established.


2. The fullness of restoration will only come when I establish my everlasting Kingdom upon earth, but in the life you now have there can be much joy and great peace if you will be meek and lowly in heart and gentle and patient in spirit. Rebellion can cause you to wander as the children of Israel wandered in the wilderness. The blessing was lost for many but was given as a promise to many more. There are lost blessings when you leave the path of our desire but seek to be restored unto all that heavenly mercy will allow, and seek the fullness of all promised when my Kingdom of Light comes unto the earth forever unto everlasting.



3. I can restore you unto the path first established for I am your shepherd and I know the will of my Father, for when you became mine, he revealed your destiny and path unto me. I will lead you unto eternal glory but you must repent, and you must surrender and you must obey. Be patient in spirit, and listen to my voice and follow the leadings of your heart. I will restore you, and I bless you with boundaries of light, and within the bounds and borders I set forth for your life you shall receive peace, joy, laughter and thanksgiving. Each day can be filled with joy and with the fullness of heavenly light. You shall have days of sorrow, and you shall suffer for my name, and you shall be persecuted, but in your trials you shall have peace for there is great peace when you know that you walk the path of those called and redeemed unto the path established by the heart of the Great and Mighty God above all.

4. I am the creator of man and I formed Adam and later I formed Eve from the man first created. Both were perfect in design and perfect in our will, and for their lives there was perfect peace, love, and joy for they were in the place of our presence and they walked in innocence for they were without sin. They rebelled against our will and by their sin death came unto all men. I shall restore what was lost when I come with my Kingdom of Light, but I desire blessings lost to be restored unto you now. I am the power of now so do not delay my people, cry out for forgiveness, and cry out for restoration of lost blessings, and restoration unto heavenly promises given and the heavenly joy that waits upon those who walk the path of redemption.


5. I have the power to restore and I have the power to make new and you can stay in the place of newness by the power of obedience. I will set you upon the chosen path and I will place my bounds of light upon you and within the bounds that I have set you shall have freedom, joy and great peace. Wait patiently upon me and I will deliver and I will lead. I go before and I lead so you must wait when I say wait and come when I say come. Go as I go, and go as I lead and guide. Listen patiently and wait upon me each day. Rise up in obedience and do my will and seek to hear my voice, and as you go through each day you are to listen and you are to obey.


6. Learn the power of brokenness by surrendering your all upon my altar. Sacrifice your will and do my will as revealed and as I lead you. Let your heart become as one with my heart for by your heart and by your love I shall lead you. Follow your heart for your heart is mine if you will be broken before me. If you will follow your heart and hear my voice, then you shall do my will each day as I desire. I am the good shepherd and I shall lead you upon the path of light set forth for your life, but there are boundaries upon the path and you must stay within those boundaries. The land of promise had boundaries and within the boundaries set forth there were great blessings and I prospered and I blessed my people greatly. Abundant blessings come unto those redeemed unto the path of glory, but you must obey my voice and follow your heart as I lead you.


7. I have blessed my people with my law and commands and I have blessed you with standards of light. You see that the standards of light that Job established set boundaries or borders for his home. Our commandments and our laws set forth borders upon man, and this is good for just as the sea has a boundary so must every man and every woman. Blessings come with obedience and staying within the boundaries of light, but men who do not live within the borders of light and truth shall suffer for the wicked seek to live without borders of light. I set borders for the sea and for the earth to shield and nurture life and I set borders upon mankind for the same purpose. Within the borders of light you shall prosper, but if you leave my borders then you shall be outside my will, and if you leave my will, you shall know sadness and sorrow and lost blessings. The light of heaven is not found in darkness; to know the power of light you must stay in light." 


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