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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 6, Issue 2


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David Nix

Monday, 9/16/2013

   Stay Within My Borders    August 26, 2013

"I am the Lord Jesus, your Messiah and gentle shepherd. I give unto you words that are to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain. You know my desire for words have been given. You are to place the previous messages given about boundaries and borders and three new messages shall also be given. I give you two messages this day and later this week my Father shall give unto you the third message. The earth stays within the bounds set forth and all men and women stay within the natural bounds set forth, but men and women should also stay within set boundaries for their physical lives. There are some physical bounds upon all, but all have the freedom of choice so men and women go beyond the boundaries of our will and desire often each day. We gave commandments for the natural realm and we also gave commandments for the physical and spiritual realms. Many boundaries set forth by heavenly decree and words of heavenly light can easily be crossed by man for with choice men have the power to do that which is not of our will. The Lord God above all things is the most Ancient of Days and he knows the end from the beginning, and he has a purpose first established and there are people of destiny that he sets bounds upon that cannot be passed. He shapes and he molds by his hand and he also sets the path for many by determining their time and place long before they are born. This is written in Acts 17:26 and is a verse well known unto you. Acts 17:26, "And has made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and has determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation.”

  The time and place of your birth place are within a set boundary in time for all live within a framework of time. This is your time for unto this time you were born. The place of your birth was set forth by my Father and where you live was set forth for he has the power over the time and place of birth but also over the place of your habitation. There is a purpose first established for all who live but most never find their purpose for they do not seek the ways of heaven. Some fulfill the purpose first established by the hand of my Father and some never know that their life was set forth and determined by his hand. Even those who feel that they control their own destiny often fulfill the destiny set forth. My Father does not remove the freedom of choice, but by setting forth the time of a person’s life, and the place of their birth, and the bounds of their habitation he does bring about his will.


Man was created in our image and likeness and man was made to worship and man was designed to fulfill the purpose of the Lord God as first established. Men and women have rebelled against our will and walked forbidden paths but in the end all will be as established. Someday every knee shall bow and every heart shall worship. You see the purpose for establishing your time and the place of your life in Acts 17: 27-28,

"That they should seek the Lord, if haply they might feel after him, and find him, though he be not far from every one of us.  (28) For in him we live, and move, and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said, for we are also his offspring.”


Men were made to worship and all should seek us for all life is held in the hands of my Father. Bounds have been set forth for your time and for your habitation so you must surrender unto the purpose first established and seek to walk in the heavenly purpose for your life. The number of days for each life is set. There is time and chance but all men only live for a set time. Our Word speaks of threescore and ten but many live beyond this and many die before this. No man can live forever in the flesh due to the rebellion of man but life forever in the flesh shall be restored when all is made new in my Kingdom of Light. Job spoke of the days of man being determined in Job 14:5 for he had great understanding of the mysteries of heaven.

Job 14:5, "Seeing his days are determined, the number of his months are with you, you have appointed his bounds that he cannot pass.”

My servant it is our desire to reveal unto you many great mysteries and many marvelous and powerful truths, but you must stay within my borders and you must stay within the bounds set forth for your life. You do not know what is before you, so you must surrender and walk the one path chosen for your life. The Lord God knows the one path and I also know for as your shepherd it was needful for me to know so that I can guide you. I know your destiny and I know the bounds set forth so you must give me your heart and surrender all so that I can guide you on the one true path for your life. Psalms 104:9  speaks of a boundary for the waters.

Psalms 104:9, "You have set a bound that they may not pass over; that they turn not again to cover the earth.”


There is a bound set forth that the seas cannot cross. The bound is established and shall remain until my Kingdom, and then the lands of the earth shall change, and the face of the seas shall also change, and once established anew, it shall remain. The land mass changed in the flood and someday all will be restored as first established. Bounds were set after the flood so that the earth will never be flooded again. I set bounds for the waters, and I set bounds for men, and for you my servant I have set bounds and you will prosper when you stay within the bounds set forth for your life. I control the day and I control the night for I am Lord over all the earth. I have won victory and the earth is mine and all upon the earth is mine. See this as it is written in Psalms 74: 16-17, "The day is yours, the night also is yours: you have prepared the light and the sun.  (17)  You have set all the borders of the earth: you have made summer and winter.”


My Father set your bounds by his will before you were born, but I know the one path for your life and your day is mine and I have set your borders as has my Father. Every day of your life is mine and each day and each moment is to be lived according to my will and according to my guidance and according to the purpose first established.”                                  









































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