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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 6, Issue 2


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David Nix

Monday, 9/16/2013

  Bounds You Cannot Pass  April 30, 2013

"I am the Lord God above all things, the Eternal Light that shall forever shine and I shine my light of love upon you this day. I bless you with words of heavenly light that you are to declare unto my people when they gather for your mid-week celebration of praise. You will not discuss the daily messages but you are to devote your time upon my words given this day, for I give you words of great power and words of great importance. My people grow in the power of longing but many still lack the fullness of surrender. David, you are mine and I call you by your name given on earth and by your name given in heaven. You are David but you are also Meionickie. None other but Kimberly knows the meaning of your heavenly name for it is given for you to know so that you will grow in my power and in the power of my Son. You are chosen and your life is mine. You are mine, and you shall be mine forever, so you must walk the one path that has been set for your life. To walk as my chosen you must only walk the path of my desire, the path chosen for you before your life began. Your sorrows and grief have always come when you have strayed from the one path chosen. Joy and peace above expression   are found on the one path of my choosing. Men and women walk paths of their will, and blessings do come, but the fullness of heavenly blessings only come when men walk the one true path determined for their life. Many never find their true calling and do not achieve their chosen destiny, but Meionickie you know your destiny, so you must walk the one path of my desire.


The chosen ones who call upon my name and the name of my Son know that there is a destiny beyond your physical life, but there is much confusion within the hearts that seek for our spiritual inheritance and covenant blessings are a mystery unto most. Knowing where you are going gives power to your journey, so you are blessed to know the truth of our spiritual inheritance. My people know that the dead wait for the resurrection and this brings peace, but it should also bring you great hope, for the power of the resurrections is great power for you know the blessing of the first resurrection and you know the power and peace of the resurrection of the innocent. Much truth has been given unto you, and you are greatly blessed with all that has been revealed, and you are blessed for there is still much to be revealed. Words about boundaries of light have been given and my people grow in their understanding. You must stay within the borders and bounds of light that are of my desire. Straight is the gate and narrow is the way that leads unto everlasting life, so you must walk the path of my will and the path of my Son’s will, for that path is one and the same for we are one in our desire for you and for all men. Most walk the path of their own choosing, but some seek our will and they try to live their lives in a way that is pleasing to us, but of these most do that which they believe to be pleasing and they follow a much wider path than the one my beloved Son walked. Do you walk the path of my desire my people, or have you widened your path for ease of travel and for your own desire? Is there one chosen path for all or do some walk a special path set forth for their life alone?


There is a path unto salvation, it is a journey of life that the righteous must walk, and even though others walk a similar path you leave your set of footprints in the dust along the way. No matter how many have walked the path before you, and no matter how many may come after you, I see your footprints upon the sand and I know every step taken. I know when you walk in the middle and I know when you leave the path for a season. Would you desire to walk every step along that path with the knowledge that every step is of my desire and within my will? Not all find this place, but the footsteps of Jesus are already upon the path and he left clear steps to follow. To walk as he walked you must stay the path and you must walk the set path established for your life. None other is exactly like my Son, and none other has his destiny, but there are many destined to join him in the destination of everlasting life. Look upon the sand and do not be confused by the footprints that try to hide his, or the footprints that stray from the path. His walk was clear, he walked in complete surrender and absolute obedience and he always did my will. He walked a path determined for his time on earth and he did not pass the bounds appointed. Meionickie, your path is not like unto other men for your destiny is not like most men. Your calling is unique, but the call of all men and women is unique if they will seek to walk the path appointed. Most never find their destiny, but even without knowing the fullness a clear path has been set. Follow the steps of Jesus, my Son, and you will always walk an appointed path.


My servant you know my desires. To walk the narrow path set for your life you must stay upon the one path of my desire, and you must never leave your appointed bounds, and you must seek bounds that you cannot pass. This path is not for all, but Meionickie it is your path for it is the path chosen for your life, the one path of my desire. You know the verse that I make reference to and it is my desire that you read the words spoken by our servant Job.

Job 14:5, "Seeing his days are determined, the number of his months are with you, you have appointed his bounds that he cannot pass.”


Meionickie, I speak unto your mind as you write my words so you know my desire for you see the fullness of the verse given and the fullness of my words. The word, ‘bound’ used in the verse has a deeper meaning. It is more than the limit of your years. My servant, this is my desire of you. I shall guide you as you prepare and I will give unto you verses from our Word and you are to declare them unto my people. Once you have prepared, I shall give you more words and they will be spoken unto those who gather in Woodruff. You will write my words, and you are to send my words to all of my people, but only those present shall hear me speak through you. Pray, my servant, before you begin your preparation and I will give you words to guide you, and as you prepare, I shall speak my thoughts unto you, and you are to write what I give and you will declare all unto my people. You are not to send your notes, but all can write the verses given and all can make note of your words. You see that there are universal bounds set forth for all of creation, but you also see the bounds of my decrees can be just unto my chosen. There is a similar path and a shared destination, but your own set of footprints shall walk upon the one path of my desire. I shall guide you and I shall speak through you when you stand before my people.”
















































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