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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 6, Issue 2


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David Nix

Monday, 9/16/2013

Boundaries of Light April 19, 2013

"I am the Lord Jesus, your Messiah and most tender shepherd. I bless you this day with words from the Cloud of Glory and these are words that you shall declare unto my people on our Sabbath day. By the power of the Cloud of Glory you shall once more cross the ocean of time and you shall receive words from our beloved servant Peter. There is joy in your heart my servant for your love grows and our power within you grows. You seek the joy and peace above expression and I am well pleased. A new day has come unto you for your heart seeks and your spirit is ready. In your spirit you know that this day you shall be given words about our borders and our boundaries of light. It is my desire that you discuss parts of the words previously given and my words this day and the words of Peter that are given by the power of the Cloud of Glory. You are also to send this message to my people when you return unto your home. You must remain within the borders of light, for if you leave my light you leave my presence, and the joy and peace that you now feel only remains if you stay in my heavenly light.


Peter was a man of great passion and he had great zeal for life. He laughed often and was a man of great joy. He was also a man who loved much, and his love for me and my Father was great, and his love for his wife and family was a constant love. You must stay in the place of my light, within the boundaries of light, for this is the place of blessings. I desire to pour out my blessings upon you David and upon my people, to prevent you with blessings of goodness. Such joy will fill your heart each day that you shall never desire to leave my boundaries of light, and within the borders set for you I shall bless you, and you shall rejoice each day in my goodness, love and mercy.


The earth remains in the place set for it has a set boundary. The oceans stop where we have determined for boundaries have been set, for all is in harmony within the boundaries of the earth and the earth sits within its boundary within the universe. Men also need boundaries and of this you shall speak on my Sabbath day. My people must establish standards of light in their homes and in their lives, for your standards of light set forth patterns of behavior and establish clear rules which reveal boundaries unto all who come unto you. Our pattern of worship establishes clear patterns of what is pleasing unto us and what is not pleasing unto us. Within the borders set forth my people will prosper and they shall be filled with great joy, but outside the boundaries of light there is only sadness and sorrow, for peace and joy shall only be found within the light of our presence. This day by the power of the Cloud of Glory you shall see Peter as he declares our truth unto a group of people gathered together to hear the gospel of light that guided Peter’s life. His words are given unto you by the great power of my Father’s Cloud of Glory and his words shall help you and my people. Stay in the promised land of light, and never leave the borders set and know the greatest joy that you have ever dreamed possible. You have known peace and you have known joy, but once you stay in my presence always, you shall know joy and peace above expression.”


"We are greatly blessed to come together on the Sabbath of the Lord to worship the Lord God above and his most beloved Son, Jesus. I am Peter, and I am blessed above men for I was chosen to be one of the disciples of the Lord Jesus and to be further blessed to be called one of his apostles of light and truth. We are blessed with peace this day for none prevent us from coming together to worship the Lord. It is not always so and the people of the Lord have suffered much persecution. Even in our trials and in our sorrows there is peace and comfort if we remain ever nigh unto the Lord our God and unto our most precious Messiah. Jesus taught those chosen many truths, and we, in turn, teach the truth revealed unto us unto all who will listen. This day I give you words of truth about boundaries of light. The Lord has set the borders for the oceans, and the air we breathe stays within his framework so that life shall not perish. All the earth is held within the borders set forth by his hands and life upon earth prospers when life is lived within the framework set forth. The creatures of the earth follow the pattern of life within them for they are kept within the boundaries set forth by the Lord. Man too has borders, but with the power and blessing of free will we can choose to stay within the boundaries of life set forth in the beginning or we can choose to leave his borders of light and walk in darkness. Our forefathers were given a land of promise and it had borders set by the Lord before Abraham bore Isaac his son. Within the borders of that promised land the Lord set boundaries of light to govern his people in their worship and in their lives—laws and commandments to keep men within the boundaries of light so that we would be within his will.


The laws of the Lord were set forth before the earth was formed and his law is the law for all men, not just laws for Israel. The tables of stone placed within the Ark of the Covenant contain the Ten Commandments and they are laws for all mankind. If we stay in the place of his light, within the borders set forth, we shall prosper and rejoice as we as a nation prospered in the days when we walked in the light and will of the Lord—blessings when we stay within the boundaries of light set forth but punishment and sorrow when we leave the presence of light to walk in the ways of darkness. This day I give unto you seven principles about the Lord’s boundaries of light. They are simple as all of his law is simple. The commandments of the Lord are pure and holy and they are not grievous. Men just need to trust, surrender and obey. Stay in the place of heavenly blessings by staying within the Lord’s boundaries of light. Let my words this day guide you and help you to seek to stay within the Lord’s promised land of light, peace, joy and blessings.


The Lord God is the Eternal Light and his Son is the King of Light and their throne is forever in light. Their presence is light, and to stay in their presence you must walk always in light. Write my words upon your spirit and live by the seven principles I give unto you, for what I give did not come from my wisdom for I give unto you what was given unto me by the Lord Jesus.

1. The light of the Lord is never diminished and is as a circle of light, and within his circle light is full and light is constant.

2. The boundaries of his light are clearly set and do not change. He changes not and he will not go outside his set borders.

3. The borders set forth do not change, so men must change and surrender their all to remain in his light for all that is evil is not of his light.

4. The laws of light stay in the light and the blessings of the laws of light come unto those who stay in light. As plants in a field you must stay in the place of his blessing to grow and bring forth fruit.


5. Light shall overcome all darkness so choose light and choose victory. Why carry burdens not of the Lord’s desire? Join him in light and remain in his light always.


6. Light gives power to light and light stays within the borders established by the Lord God above all things. Stay in light to stay in his power for without light there is no power.

7. All men need boundaries of light. Surrender your heart and seek the Lord to remove all within you that is not of his light for light purifies and light makes holy.


Dear friends, you must stay in light to receive the blessings and power of light. Seek light and seek the Lord to plant you deep in his light and never leave the promised land of his presence.”








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