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David Nix

Friday, 4/26/2013

A Hedge of Thorns

April 6, 2012


"I am the Lord Jesus, your Messiah and most gentle shepherd.  I bless you this day with words given by the power of the cloud of glory.  This day my servant of the latter days shall once more cross the ocean of time and he shall see images of Hosea as he speaks unto a small group of men gathered to learn of him.  I bless my people gathered to hear me speak through my servant and to hear Hosea speak.  My servant knows of the power found in Hosea 2:6-7, but he does not understand the fullness.  A hedge of thorns prevents and a hedge of thorns works to lead a lost one home.  I have great love for each of you and there is a reason why you are gathered for each of you will have opportunity to use the power of the words given.  These words, and all the words given this day are to be shared with my people and my servant knows my desire.  This is the first message given from Hosea but it shall not be the last for he was a man of wisdom.  I asked things of him not clearly understood but he was faithful unto my word.  Let the power of his words help you to use the power found in what is known as a hedge of thorns.”


"I welcome you my friends and I am pleased that you have come to receive words of me.  In my life the Lord has used me to do his work and he has taught me many lessons.  What I share with you this day is the power to hedge up the way and make a wall around someone who leaves their chosen path.  It is a hedge rooted in love and it is the power to change hearts and change lives.  I used this power upon my wife and I have taught this lesson unto others.  There are laws of heavenly light that the eyes of flesh most often do not see and the hedge of thorns is a power of heaven.  It is the power to bind and the power to loose so it is a power available only unto those who walk the true paths of the Lord.  This is the first step my friends, you must be in right standing, and you must walk the clear paths of the Lord to have power to bind upon earth what you seek bound in heaven.  You must be connected unto one of the people you pray the hedge for.  It will not work on strangers not known of you.    It must be rooted in love  for the Lord will not use the power  of  heaven to aid that which is  rooted in greed or envy.  The power of the hedge of thorns is that the Lord God will fence up the way of a man or a woman so that they will not find the path of their desire and he shall turn their hearts unto the path of his desire.  This is another lesson my friends.  You cannot bind up that which is against the will of heaven, so you must seek the Lord’s will.  If one is upon the broken path, it may be the Lord’s will for a season.  The Lord God can hedge someone in by his power so that he can shape their heart.  The hedge of thorns must be spoken in prayer and it must be a constant word.  You pray and pray and you cry out unto the Lord to place his hedge of thorns to cause one to lose their way so that they will seek the new paths of the Lord.  The power to bind affects relationships for one hedged in by the Lord shall lose the favor of those not walking in the desire of the Lord.  This is also a key of understanding.  You cannot hedge in two people or multiple people who walk in the light of the Lord.  This power is only unto those who have left the desire of the Lord to walk a path of their own choosing.  Pray before you seek the Lord God to hedge the path of another, and if it be his will, you shall see hearts turn unto the Lord.”





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