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David Nix

Tuesday, 1/15/2013

"I am The Lord Jesus, your Messiah and most tender shepherd. I am with you my servant and I guide your life each day. I give unto you words that I desire to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain. My people walk each day in hope of hearing my voice and in hope of seeing my hand. As given in the previous words you must surrender to obey, and you must surrender to hear and to see, but you must also trust to hear for doubt comes unto my people if they do not hear clearly. Doubt about if it was my voice and doubt about my will. Doubt is not unique in the people of the latter days for servants you read of in our Word also had doubt. For six years I and my Father have been teaching you to hear our voice, and to know our leading and to see our hand, yet many still fail to hear and many fail to see. Trust must be present for you to truly surrender and once you surrender you must trust again. The harvest of mercy is upon you and you must hear to do my will for how can I send you if you do not hear my call? Is my call always spoken within or does my call come in various ways? I lead in more ways than words spoken within. I guide you through our Word, and I guide you through the words of the latter days, and I guide you through sermons, and through circumstance and through words spoken by others. You must surrender my people and then you must trust in me. I am the good shepherd and I lead and I guide my sheep.


Stay in heavenly light for my voice is clear in the light of my presence. False voices come unto those who walk in muted light and unto those filled with pride. Do not be discouraged if you still struggle to hear or to see for it might be that you are looking up when you should look down and you hear only what you seek to hear. You must look where I desire and you must be silent and still to hear, but you must also be in the light to hear. The evil ones are as roaring lions seeking to devour you and you must stay deep in my light. In light you shall hear my voice clearly. I give you a word of instruction on hearing. I do not always speak unto my people instantly nor do I always speak on demand. Some come to receive my word but they come based on their desire and need and based on their timing. I know your needs, wants and desires and I may have already clearly answered you or shown you and you failed to see. The promise of Jeremiah 33:3 is unto my servant but even unto him I do not always answer immediately but I do always answer.


I will always answer those who seek in humility and truth, but my answer may precede your request or it may come after so you must have eyes to see and ears to hear. A timely word is always a blessing, but my Father knows the end before the beginning, so he may have already given you the answer you seek or may have already placed you on the path needed. Stop straining to hear and open your heart and open your mind and hear and see with your spirit. Read our Word and listen. Sometimes the answer you seek comes in a dream, or an image or an event. Do not only seek words spoken within for I speak unto those who seek in various ways. I speak, I guide and I lead based on my will not yours. The word you need now may have been spoken two years ago or may be recorded in our Word. Trust in me and believe in my timely words. Must I give you the same answer repeatedly or will you see the answer already given and apply the timely word given? Must I repeat clear words of guidance to make you see or is a word spoken timely enough to give you guidance? Some of what my people ask has already been answered and you know this in your spirit. People will speak unto my servants and say that they probably know the answer but then they will proceed with their question. If the answer has already been given why must you continue to seek? Timely words for your life have been spoken unto you in your time and timely words for your life were spoken thousands of years before you were born. The timeliness of truth is that truth is timeless. Truth given unto Moses, or Paul, or Peter was truth then and it is truth now. Truth is timeless so timely words of truth have often already been given but you fail to see.


Truth is being revealed unto my people of the latter days and even greater truths shall be revealed but the truth given is not new for truth is timeless. What is new are your eyes to see and your spirit of understanding. All that man has ever learned is already known in heaven. When you seek a timely word to guide you this day, or in the days ahead, do not fail to reflect upon dreams given, words read, experiences known and experiences forgotten. I can call unto your mind a verse, or a memory, or a word, or a dream where what you seek has already been given. Do not always call on me to answer you when you desire. Ask your question, express your desire, and make your will known and then listen and you shall receive a word spoken timely even if that word was timely spoken two thousand years ago. See the power of my words given unto you this day. The answer is often already within or already spoken but you must surrender and trust and you must go as I lead you. All of our words are timeless, so look unto our truth, for all we speak is truth and all truth is beyond time for truth changes not. Events change and men change but I and my Father change not. The truths of our Word shall forever stand for they are timely words now and forever.”



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