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David Nix

Tuesday, 1/15/2013

"I am the Lord Jesus, your Messiah and most tender shepherd. I give unto you words that I desire to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain. I am ever with my people and I lead and I guide in ways not always seen nor clearly understood.  There are no coincidences in the life of the man whose life is surrendered unto me. When you truly take my yoke upon you I will lead you and guide you upon the paths of my choosing each day. The power of surrender is more than just laying your life upon my altar, the surrendered man or woman also sees. There is great power in surrender but there is greater power when your surrender leads you to see. As you walk the path of righteousness with my yoke upon you I will guide you and open doors before you and set clear paths for your feet. If you surrender your day and go through your day without hearing my voice or seeing my hand then you do not reap the blessings of your surrender. Surrender without hearing and without seeing does not bring our power. What benefit is there to surrendering your life unto my will if you do not follow my will, and how can you follow my will and fulfill my desires for you if you do not hear my voice and see my hand in your life? The power of surrender is found in obedience, for you surrender and then you obey my commands. Your surrender brings no power without obedience and part of obedience is seeing and hearing. You know our commandments, and you see the power in them, so your surrender does give you the power to walk in obedience unto that which is known, but how can you obey in all aspects of your life if you do not clearly hear my voice and clearly see my hand in your life? Your days are filled with choices and with decisions that you must make, so you need to hear my voice, and see my hand, and know my will in order to do as I desire.


Our law is clear, but there are instances in life that are not clear and without spiritual sight you will not understand. Choices between light and darkness are clear and should be easier for my people to make than in past days. Always choose light over darkness; always choose obedience over sin and disobedience. How do you know the path of my desire when you must choose between two things that are both of the light? You have choices of light each day. Life is not only about choosing between good and evil, life is also about what is most important and what is most needful. Often men and women allow the urgent to remove them from what is truly important but at times the urgent becomes the most important. A flat tire when your vehicle is parked in your drive is not as urgent as a flat tire that leaves you stranded on the roadside. How do you choose between that which is light and that which is light?  You must know my will and hear my voice and you must let me lead you. Visiting the sick is of the light but how do you choose if there are more people to see than you have time for? Who do you not visit and how do you know that the one you do not see is the one with the greatest need?  Do you spend more time in prayer this day or do I desire more time to be spent in praise or in reading our Word? Our desire is for you to be good and to live a life that is pleasing unto us, but within the light there are still choices of light to be made.


To see and to know you must surrender your life and you must give me dominion. In my yoke I have dominion and in my yoke you will be free for you will know my will. I have told my servants that when they go on journeys without my servant David that they are to go as led. When David goes with them I give him words of guidance but when he is not present my servants go as led. This is how all men and women must walk each day, in my yoke, led by me. My servant of the latter days receives daily words of instruction and guidance but as all men he too must go as led when situations arise during the course of his day. When my servants go upon a journey they do not always go as I desire, but I have told them that I can place people in their path. At times I desire them to go east but they go west so I place people in their path, and no matter where you journey upon the earth you will encounter men and women who need your prayers of light and you will encounter the majesty of our creation.


My hand is upon you, and I lead you, but you must surrender and then you must see and hear. When faced with a choice between light and darkness the choice is clear and you do not need to hear my voice for my spirit joined unto your spirit gives you truth and you must always follow truth. When faced with choices of light you must also hear and know. My spirit is joined unto yours, so when decisions are before you that all involve light, be still and listen and go as I lead you. Even if you choose that which was not my first desire your choice is still of the light, but the greatest power in surrender is when you hear my voice, or see my hand, and do my will and my desire always. Some of my people still do not hear my voice clearly, nor do they see my hand, or feel the promptings of my spirit within. To hear and to see and to know you must go deeper in surrender. Complete surrender and absolute obedience will lead you to the place where you will see and you will know. Surrender and see, and hear my voice, for yoked unto me I walk right beside you each day.”



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