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David Nix

Tuesday, 1/15/2013

"I am the Lord Jesus, your Messiah and gentle shepherd. I give you words this day that are to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain. Many words have been given but our guidance shall never end for we are the source of all wisdom. Heavenly wisdom is rooted in the very breath of my Father and wisdom is to be sought by all who call on my name. Heavenly wisdom has been replaced in many who call on my name with the doctrines of men. The threshing instruments of men have taken clear and simple words of truth and have changed them to fit their own desires. Men have been given truth and truth has led unto knowledge and understanding but much of the wisdom of man is rooted in that which is not of heavenly light and heavenly breath. We have revealed truth to help men to grow in the development of the earth but much of what man has learned has not been used as we desire. The land Sabbath was established to replenish the earth with minerals and nutrients to grow healthy food but man uses chemical fertilizers to seek to nullify heavenly truth. The wisdom of man has corrupted the earth in many ways and has corrupted the society of man. Man’s corruption is clearly seen in the physical and natural realms. Man was placed within a beautiful garden and if man would have obeyed the truth given the garden would have expanded as the earth’s population grew and all the earth would have been a Garden of Eden. Someday I shall return the earth back into the paradise that it was created to be, for heavenly wisdom will reign and all that is in the three realms will obey our law and our Word and all will be in harmony with the purpose that was first established.


Before the creation of the earth there was a purpose that was established. There is a reason for all that our hands have made and every purpose of heaven is rooted in wisdom. As has been given unto my servant of the latter days, I was created from the essence of the Lord God. He reached within himself and formed me. I am the Alpha for I am the first being that was created and I am of the very essence and existence of the Great I AM so I am formed from that which is eternal, from that which is perfect and holy. I am his Son but I am God, I am God the Son and he is God the Father. After much time together my Father began to fulfill his mighty purpose for life and he formed three angels from light. They were not created from his essence, but from heavenly light. All three were created simultaneously and are as brothers. They are the great angels known in your language as Gabriel, Michael and Lucifer. They were not given breath for only man has the soul, or breath, of the Lord God and the Lord Jesus. All other angels were created based on type. The twenty-four Elders were created and then the warrior angels were created. All were created with an established purpose for there is wisdom in heavenly thought and reason. Men think and reason to seek to come unto wisdom but our wisdom is perfect so all is done according to the purpose first established by the Lord God above all things. He established his eternal purpose and all life flows from that established purpose. All that he does is perfect for he is the origin of all life so he is the origin of all thought, and all reason, all knowledge and all wisdom. Man has never discovered anything that was not already first established by the Great I AM.  Man has perverted what man has been given but man has never learned anything not already known by me and my Father. There is a purpose first established for all creation including myself. I was created in love by the hands of love but my life was given for a purpose established by the Eternal Light, by the Ancient of Days, God above all things. Part of my purpose is seen in my being the one who formed Adam and Eve, and is seen in my coming unto the earth as a man. But that is only a glimpse of my eternal purpose. Soon I shall come again and I will re-establish some of the things first established and the world will be as was first created, but that is only the beginning for my purpose first established is eternal and I shall fulfill my purpose forever and ever without end.


If there was a purpose first established for my life is there not also a purpose first established for your life? I created Adam and then I created Eve but it was not done by my own will. The creation of man was first established by my Father. He established his plan for life before there was life. He has no beginning and no end and he is with you now and forever. He already knows the exact moment when all that live will die and he already knows when all will be born. Can his established purpose therefore be changed? This is a question that learned men have pondered for thousands of years. How does free will fit with the purpose first established by the Lord God above all things? If there is an established and eternal purpose for all life can your life be changed by your own will or does man walk according to a destiny beyond their control? I shall teach many things unto my servant of the latter days and he shall in turn teach many upon the earth. There is free will and there is freedom of choice. My servant has spoken of desired will and divine will but he does not yet fully understand, but unto him great truth has been revealed and even greater truth shall be revealed. There is a purpose first established for man and part of the eternal purpose of the Lord God was to give man the freedom of will to choose. All of your choices are not of our will or desire for all have sinned and done that which is not pleasing unto us. It is never our will that men do evil so evil itself is evidence that man has freedom to that which is against the established purpose of heaven. But there is a purpose greater than man and a purpose first established that shall be for no one can change that which was first established by the Great I AM.

  I give you these words to help you, not to confuse you. These are words that many shall read often to seek to understand, but I desire you to know this one thing. Your life is not by accident. You were born based upon the desire of the Lord for he reached across time and formed you in your mother’s womb. If your life is by his will then is there a purpose first established for your life? If there is a purpose for your life that was established by the Lord God above all things when was it established by him? Does he change daily or does he change not? If your life is by his purpose this means that your life was first established before life itself was given. Look to see the power of my words. You do not have to know the eternal purpose for your life, all you have to do is believe that one does exist, and if it exists then you must walk in complete surrender and absolute obedience so as to fulfill the purpose first established for your life. David, my beloved servant, more shall be given unto you for your time has come and you shall go deeper in the wisdom of heaven.”



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