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David Nix

Monday, 9/19/2011

"I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and gentle shepherd. These are words of love to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain. I have given you words about the stillness of peace for peace is of great importance. I spoke of the need to be assured of my love and my power, for you need assurances of love and evidence of our presence. Faith is believing in things not seen and in things not known, but the foundation of faith is found in knowing me and in knowing my Father. You believe in us for we are known of you. I do not grow angry when you need assurances of my love. I do desire you to have faith that wavers not, but I do not expect you to never need my assurances of love. Some lack faith for they do not hold on to memories of past blessings and memories of our goodness. You need to remember the blessings of the past, and you need to praise us for the blessings of this day and to thank us for promises of future blessings. Assurances of my love are all around you. I have loved you all the days of your life, and I have comforted you, and I have helped you and guided you. Must I prove unto you each day that my love for you is great and that my power shall lift you up? There is a difference between unbelief and the need for assurance. You are flesh and you need to see the evidences of my love, but I should not have to prove myself to you each day. You know that I am with you, you know that I hear your prayers and that I move with power in your lives, this is the peace and power of knowing. Is it then weakness to need assurances of my love? Think upon this my people and ponder my words unto you. It is weakness if your faith is dependent upon continual proof of my love and presence for you must look unto the past evidences and the daily proof that we are with you. To test me each day is not faith and is rooted in unbelief. Your journals of trust are evidence of our presence for we open doors, and we heal and we guide. Remember past blessings and do not lose sight of our continual love and mercy.


You have many songs of praise that you sing and one is called, "Blessed Assurance.” There is a blessing in the assurance that you are mine and that I am with you. A man and his wife must build a life of love and their foundation of love is built upon time together. Actions of love and words of love over time build trust and there is peace in the assurance that you are loved and that your mate will be true and faithful unto you. A wife needs her husband to express his love as the man needs this from his wife. You need more than words for you also need to see actions of love. Over time you reach a place where you know that you are loved and that your love is strong. The assurance of love is the power of knowing, and once known you do not need continual assurance for you have the blessing of memories that show that you are loved. In my love you also need assurance and this I know and this I understand.


Hear me dear ones and know my love for you is great and that my heart is filled with goodness and that my desires for you are pure and holy. Look to the little child, and you shall know the power of love and you shall see why actions and words are needed. A child that is loved prospers and grows. This day I speak of ones dear unto my servant of the latter days and I speak of his beloved babies. Matthew and Jennifer are doing well and they have great love for Reagan and for Austin. Their children feel love and they know love but each day they wake with expectations. They expect to be fed but they do not stress or worry for the pattern of love is clearly seen and known unto them. They rise up to hugs and kisses and they live each day greatly loved. They go to bed at night after receiving hugs and kisses and they have each day many assurances of love. The child does not doubt the love given and they grow in the power of love. I and my Father know the power of love and I am ever with you. This day when you woke up I was there to greet you with my love, and you saw my love in the sun that shines and in the food placed before you. Feel my arms around you as you walk through this day. Have the assurance that I am with you and that I shall be there to pick you up if you fall, and know that I hear every word and know every thought. Tonight when you pray know that I am with you and be assured that I hear. Go to bed and rest in blessed assurance for I shall protect you and I shall watch over you. I give you assurances of my love so be at peace and know that I love you and that I understand your need to know that I am ever with you.”




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