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David Nix

Monday, 9/19/2011

"I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and gentle shepherd. These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and are words to help my people to understand the power of peace and to help you to seek the stillness of peace that comes unto those who remain in our presence. Many words have been given about peace and some may wonder why I speak of this. Peace is a wonderful thing and peace comes with being in our presence. My Father gave you words about his wrath, and the days of sorrow are upon you, so peace will be very important unto you in the days before you. There has been an increase in natural disasters, and in war and social unrest. Our hand moves and we control the elements of the earth and the darkness grows in power so war and turmoil shall increase. In times of trouble you need to know the stillness of peace. I give unto you seven principles to help you to grow in the power of peace.


1. The stillness of peace does not mean that men shall not know sadness or sorrow, it means that men at peace will know a calmness and awareness that those not at peace lack. The trials of life are hard upon all people, but those who know the stillness of peace shall be strong when the storms of life come upon them. Stillness does not imply inactivity; it means a calm spirit shall be upon you in every storm. Learn the power of stillness and know the power of stillness that comes unto a heart at rest and a heart at peace.


2. The stillness of peace grows in our presence for there is no true peace outside our presence. Spend time in communion with us for our presence will calm the troubled soul. Keep your eyes focused upon me and do not look to the storms around you. See the pain and sorrow and be compassionate unto the plights of men, but do not let the trials of life remove you from our presence. For many the first storm that comes creates doubt, and stress and worry. Trust in our love and believe in our mercy and be still in our presence.


3. The stillness of peace comes unto the man who trusts in our perfect love and perfect will. You are laborers in the end time harvest of mercy and there is much work to be done, but how can you work if your heart does not trust and if your spirit is not at rest? You must believe that our will is perfect and you must believe in our love. Do not worry over the storm, and do not allow the trials of men to make you doubt for sorrow and sadness come unto all who walk the earth. Be still in the assurance that I am with you and be strong in knowing that nothing can separate you from my love.


4. The stillness of peace grows in the place of knowing for there is great peace in knowing. Calmness of spirit brings strength and the strength of our presence will lift you in times of trial. Be still, and be strong in the assurance of my love and the assurance of my power. Know that I am with you and know that no trial will come upon you that is too great for you to bear and that with every trial a way of escape shall be upon you. In our presence the peace of knowing grows, so seek our presence and be still in the assurance of our love.


5. The stillness of peace comes unto the heart that is surrendered. Stress and anxiety is evidence that you lack trust and surrender. Be calm in the presence of our love and believe in our sure promises. My people allow the words of scoffers and doubters to remove your peace. No one can remove the peace of our presence if you are truly surrendered. Be still before me and trust in my power and believe in my will and my love. Give me your hearts and surrender all upon our altar. Stillness shall be ever upon you when you are surrendered and when you walk each day in the fullness of heavenly light.


6. The stillness of peace shall escape the man who sees with the eyes of the flesh but will remain nigh unto the man who knows the ways of the spirit. Be still and hear my voice. There is power in quiet and there is power in the stillness of our presence. Be still and listen to hear my voice. When trials are upon you, when sorrow comes, I shall be close by your side and I will speak calm words of love unto you. Be calm and be at peace for I am ever with you for I am the power of now. Do not look unto the storm, look unto me and listen to hear my voice.


7. The stillness of peace grows in the heart of the man who has built his life upon our word. Our word is the power to believe and our word is the path unto peace, trust and surrender. Read our word and believe in our word. Claim the promises found in our word and pray them and write them upon your heart. Our word is to be your guide and your light in the trials of life. Be at peace my people and rely upon the assurances of our word. Be still and be calm in your spirit for our peace is upon you. Seek peace and seek to go deeper into the power of our presence. There is great power in peace and there is calmness of spirit in the stillness of our peace.”



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