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David Nix

Monday, 9/19/2011

"I am the Lord Jesus, your Messiah and gentle shepherd. These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and are words to help my people to understand the power of innocence. My Father gave words that are also within this issue, and they are words to give you understanding of his ways and to make you seek to become innocent before us. This day by the power of the cloud of glory my servant of the latter days shall once more cross the ocean of time and shall receive words from our servant Job. My servant shall see Job, and Job shall see him, for they have met often by the power of the cloud of glory. Job shall give words to help you to seek to become innocent. Regaining innocence is difficult, for once innocence is lost, it is most difficult for man to reach a place of innocence once more. Let these words given help you to seek innocence and let them help you to grow in understanding of our ways.”


"I am Job and I am pleased to see you once more David. I know that in my life I shall see you often for I am blessed to be able to give words that are read by people living in the latter days. The angel of the Lord came unto me and told me of what I am to speak. David, you are beloved and it is my prayer that my words help you and help the people of your day. It is the desire of the Lord that I speak unto you about the power of being innocent before the Lord. In my life I have done evil before the Lord and I have lost innocence. Most men lose innocence as they grow older, and the purity and innocence we knew as children vanishes as the dew in the noonday sun. With the loss of innocence many experience regret and sorrow for innocence lost is very hard to recapture. Is it possible to regain innocence? What man can go back and undo a deed that has been done? No one can recapture a day that is past for what is past is forever gone. There is a difference between innocence and being innocent and I shall seek to help you to understand this. A small child is pure and they are innocent for they have no evil and no sin. They are innocent for they dwell in a place of purity and innocence. I know of the life of Jesus for in many dreams the Lord God has revealed many things unto me. Jesus lived a perfect life when he walked the earth and he was innocent before the Lord. He was innocent but was he full of innocence? Men are to be as a little child in humility and love but men are not to think as children, for there comes a time when childish things must be put aside. The innocence must give way unto knowledge, understanding and wisdom, but the knowledge and wisdom that you seek must be pure and good. You must be wise unto the ways of men but innocent of the ways of evil.


The Lord Jesus never sinned so he was a Lamb without blemish and he was innocent before the Lord. He recognized evil and knew what sin is but he never sinned. The Lord God above all things is pure and innocent yet he sees all the evil that is done. How can the Lord God see the evil acts of men and hear their words of darkness and still be innocent and pure? He is pure for he is light and there is no evil within him. He is perfect in love and he is perfect in purity. Innocence must give way unto knowledge and understanding, but you must remain untouched by the evil way. There is a difference between knowing what is evil and experiencing evil. Knowledge of evil does remove innocence, but knowledge of evil does not remove you from being innocent if you do not partake of evil. The Lord knows sin by seeing the actions of man but he has never been a partaker of sin.


I shall now speak of how to regain innocence and how to remain innocent. All men have sinned and all have failed to remain innocent before the Lord. To regain innocence you must repent and you must make lasting change. Without true repentance change will not come. You must seek the blood of the innocent Lamb of God to wash you clean. You can be restored unto the presence of the Lord, and it is in the presence of the innocent that you shall be innocent. I have much that I could give you, for this is a subject that requires much thought and reflection, but this day I give you a glimpse. In the days ahead David, I shall give you more words about this subject. The key to innocence is to walk in the light and to flee evil. Flee from evil and seek that which is pure and good. Do not experience evil, for once evil is experienced it increases awareness and awareness can affect desire. Desire that which is pure   and remain in the light. Sin is the absence of light so you must grow in the power of light. The Lord God can remove memories, and he can make memories fade, so seek the purity of light and seek the Lord to restore you unto a place of purity and innocence. Be innocent unto experiencing evil but have knowledge of evil. You must not be childish unto the dangers of evil but you must be innocent of evil. Know your enemy but do not participate in anything that is evil. There is more power in light than you see and in the presence of light all that is evil will fade and drift away. Seek the presence of the Lord and seek his love and mercy to give you a spirit of innocence so that you can be innocent before him.”



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