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David Nix

Monday, 9/19/2011

"I am the Lord God above all things and these are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and are words to help my people and words of warning that shall be read by many in the days ahead. This day the people of your nation reflect upon the attack upon your soil and upon the sadness of the loss felt by so many. My heart also remembers, for every person that died was beloved of me and my Son. I love all who died, even those of darkness who took the lives of those who were innocent. All men are known and all men are loved. You see with the eyes of the flesh and have a lack of understanding. It is not wrong to defend your liberty or your homes, but you must understand that all men have their origin in me. Someday there will be no war and no man will be your enemy. Until that day comes, you shall know war, and you shall know loss, suffering and sorrow. This day tears are shed as hearts remember loved ones lost. Your leaders give long and eloquent speeches and men beat their chests as warriors. Memories are a blessing and memories are shared on days such as today when events are memorialized and remembered. There are also people who remember the ones who attacked your nation for they were also loved.

Good men and men of evil died on this day ten years ago and all are known of me and my Son. Those guilty of evil died and those innocent before me died. Many upon the earth cursed my name and many cried out in confusion for they do not understand why in my mercy and love I would allow the innocent to perish by the hands of evil. Hear me my people, and hear me well you inhabitants of the earth, for I am the Great and Mighty God above all and I speak unto you through my chosen servant of the latter days. Your nation is not innocent for your nation walks the path of darkness. I am merciful, and my mercy is seen each day in ways unknown to man and my mercy is also seen and known by many of you. I am love, and in my love and mercy I have spared your nation from many things. Your nation feels the impact of storms that have come upon you  and the earth has been shaken. In the days ahead your nation and the nations of the earth shall be shaken and disasters shall come upon you. The days of woe are close and the wrath of my anger shall be upon you.


Hear me clearly for I shall speak. Many upon the earth question my love and others question my existence for you see sorrow and suffering upon the innocent. Good men die and evil men prosper. Is your nation without sin and are you just before me? There were innocent people who perished when your nation was attacked, but should I prevent sorrow upon a nation that murders the unborn and takes the life of those pure and innocent? My wrath shall come upon you for your nation walks in the ways of darkness. My love is not lacking and my power is not diminished, but the innocent shall also perish with the wicked. War destroys those evil and those innocent. When the earth shakes, the homes of many shall fall and the buildings of your might shall be brought low. In the wars that shall come upon you there will be innocent ones who shall also perish. Is this unfair and does this reveal a lack of mercy? People who live in nations run by evil men shall also perish for death comes unto the just and the unjust. Famine takes the lives of old and young and war kills the innocent and the guilty. My mercy shall be seen for all life is within my hands, and I shall shorten the time of man and many shall be spared. Repent of your evil, and become innocent and pure and be a nation of righteous men and women. Humble yourselves and repent, and call unto me, and I will hear, and my heart will be turned, and I shall have mercy upon you. As long as you murder the unborn you cannot be recipients of the fullness of my mercy for is it just to protect the guilty who take the lives of innocent unborn children? How can you have hope for a future of blessings when you commit all manner of evil before me? I am the defender of the innocent and the just and punishment shall be measured out upon the unjust. Become just and righteous and my love and my mercy shall fall upon you like rain. Hear my words and repent before the fullness of my wrath comes upon you. I am the defender of innocence and I shall have vengeance upon those who persecute the innocent and the pure. Repent and become pure and innocent so that I might be your strong defense.” (This message was given on September 11, 2011)




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