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Words of The Latter Rain

Volume 1, Issue 3, July 2008


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The Heart of The Father

David Nix

Thursday, 7/31/2008

I am the Almighty God in heaven and these words are to be a part of the newsletter. These are words to help my children, those of me, and those who seek to flee my presence. My heart of love reaches out unto all men, for all men have their origin in me. The heart of the Father is a heart of love, it is a heart that beats with strength, and beats with compassion and love.  Mercy flows from the heart of the Father. I know every heart, and I have heard every word spoken, and know of every deed done. Nothing is hidden from me, nothing is done where my ears do not hear and my eyes do not see. Declare these words unto the fathers, for I know the heart within. I share with you a story of a man who walked the earth, a man with a heart like mine, a man with the heart of the Father.

The child ran and played in the backyard of his modest home. He had built a fort, and today there were dragons to slay. He was six years old, and he had a heart of goodness, and was tender and kind unto all he met, and he loved and honored his parents, and did good unto all he was sent unto. This boy had a wonderful life, for the light of love never went out inside, he was filled and overflowed with the love of heaven. He never learned to read, and could only write his name. At age nine he began to work in the coal mine for times were hard. At night, when he walked home the coal dust covered his face and his clothes. He was tired, but he walked as if he were lifted by a cloud of peace, and his smile of white shined brightly from his darkened face. He returned home and always found the strength to help his mother, and play with his brothers and sisters. This was his life until he was twenty-one, then he married the girl of his heart, and they were joined in spirit, and theirs is a love that shall be everlasting.

 He continued to work in the mine, and they lived in a very small rented house. From the eyes of clay their life was one of hardship and misery, but from the heart of spiritual love their life was full of joy, for they loved each other, and they loved me and my Son. My beloved owned one suit, and his wife owned three dresses. He would attend regularly with his church, and he always found it in his heart to give, even when he was without.  He would have his wife read to him from a small Bible that had been given to him when he was twelve. Through her words, he put to memory the words that he treasured more than life itself. Their first son died when he was two, and his first daughter died at birth. In his sorrow he comforted his wife, and found comfort in the words of my servant David. I share with you a prayer that he gave the night his son died.

‘My Father, my Savior, blessed be the Mighty Ones of heaven. I praise you for my son, for in his two years upon earth, he taught me love in a way I have never known.  He touched my heart, and forever is joined unto my spirit. He was my light and my joy. He sleeps now, and I shall not see his smile with my eyes, nor hear his laughter with my ears, but within me I see and I hear. You have the heart of the Father, for you know the love of a son, and you know the deep love of the spirit. Give me thy heart oh God, let me love with all that I am, let me love from the spirit deep within. I have known sorrow, but I live in a place of endless love, for thou art with me. Lift up my wife, for the grief is hard upon her. Let the light of love fill her once more.’

My beloved had more children, and the love of heaven was upon him, and he had two sons and two daughters who grew in strength and love. They were poor in the wealth of the world, but oh so rich in the love of heaven. From his four children there are one hundred-seventy-nine people who walk the earth today. Not all have followed the ways of love as did my beloved, but each is known of me, for I have the heart of the Father. My beloved died when he was forty-six from all the coal dust that he had breathed. The entire town came to pay their farewell, for this man had the heart of love, and I could fill your hours with stories of his tenderness and his heart of mercy and love. His spirit is with me, and he shall rise up in the great day coming.
 Learn to love from the spirit, and to see and hear from within. Reach out unto the lost and alone, and give them comfort, and give them love. Seek to have the heart of a father and love your children and your children’s children. Learn to be rich in the ways of heaven. Be at peace my children, seek love over riches, and show mercy over rebuke. Learn to have the heart of the Father.”




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