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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 4 Issue 3


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David Nix

Monday, 5/2/2011

"I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and gentle shepherd. These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain. During his last forty day journey my servant of the latter days was given many words from on high. He received twenty-one messages from our servant Job that also contained my words. He has shared some of the words from Job with my servants and this day I instruct him to place one of the messages given within the Words of the Latter Rain. Words are very important and the words of Job will help you to understand the power of words and the purpose for words. You must increase your awareness and discernment so you must listen, but when you speak, you are to speak words of truth and wisdom. Learn the power of judgment rooted in heavenly wisdom and learn the power of choosing the correct word.”


"I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and gentle shepherd. These are words of love and guidance. You are on a journey of love and a journey to grow in truth. The season of dreams shall come and you must be at the place to receive. The pattern of love is important and there are other patterns that shall be revealed unto you my servant. Pray the prayer given unto you each day until fullness comes. Job shall speak some of this, but this day he shall teach you about patterns and about words. Follow as he leads for his words are truth and light.”


"I am Job and your journey continues. The Lord blesses me, and each night I sleep and I see you in vision. The Lord gives me memory so I know of what I have spoken, and then by the power of the Lord I speak unto you what he desires. My words on acceptance will help you when applied. There is power in words, but some words require you to apply the lessons they give. Many men may accept that there is a God but it is not just in knowing. Knowing must lead to obedience. Accepting him into your heart requires words. There are many patterns in the three realms. The patterns are often hidden and most involve logic and mathematics, but some just require obedience and then the Lord will give understanding. The power given unto you yesterday is not in the concept but is in the words you speak. You have already accepted the Lord’s dominion and you serve him. Their presence is already within you. The power is in speaking words of permission and acceptance. Some things require words to bring forth the action that you seek. How can you praise without words? How can you sing and speak without words? Be they in spirit, thoughts, or verbally spoken there are laws of heaven that are only brought forth by words spoken. Words then have great power for the choice of words affects many things. I shall speak more about the power of correct words, but I now focus on the purpose of words and why words must be chosen with understanding and wisdom. There should be a known purpose for your words otherwise your words will have no power. Why do you speak and what do you desire by your words? You must think upon these things. I give unto you a truth that is simple but one of great power.


The purpose of words is to bring about change; therefore you must choose words to bring the change you seek. I will speak first of prayer. Your words of worship and praise are chosen based on what you desire to express. If you pray for repentance, you choose words that reflect your guilt and sorrow and words to call upon the mercy of the Lord. If you pray for rain, you choose different words than you spoke for your sin and failure. What is the purpose for words? It is to bring forth change. Some may dispute my words and say that words also are to teach, and to encourage, and to correct, and to guide, or to show the love you feel. All of this is true but if you go unto the root, you will discover that at the root of words the purpose is to bring about change. I shall examine what I have given from this light. Words that teach are to bring about a change in knowledge and understanding; words to encourage are spoken to bring change that will lift up the spirit of another, words of correction have the purpose to change behavior and change hearts and minds, words of guidance are spoken to change understanding and words of love change you and also change the heart of another and change feelings.


The purpose of words is to bring about change. Words of worship and praise are to bring forth change. They give power unto your light, breath and spirit and change your position with the Lord. Repentance changes you but you also speak to bring about a change in the Lord. You desire him to forgive you and remove your sin. Repentance is sought for change. The purpose for all words is to bring about change. There are times when words may not be deep with meaning. The purpose for some words may be to bring laughter, but that brings change. Words spoken in fellow ship bring change in relationship. Do not prattle and speak empty words. Not all words bring about the change desired for some speak foolish and empty words and do not choose their words with wisdom. Speaking unto your wife is communion and change in love and depth occurs. In truth even the words of a fool bring change for others grow in understanding and know that one is foolish for before a fool speaks others may not know that he is a fool, so change is made. If the true purpose of words is to bring about change, then you see why the choice of words is so important. There are also patterns for words. Some law will only come into motion by the action of words. Repentance requires more than words, but forgiveness comes once hearts change and words are spoken. Some heavenly motion will not come without the correct words being spoken. I shall give you more about the power of the correct word.”




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