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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 4 Issue 3


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David Nix

Monday, 5/2/2011

"I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd. These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and are words to help my people to grow in the power of awareness and discernment. Words have been given that reveal unto you that angels come unto you in spirit form often and in physical form far more often than you realize. How do you grow in awareness and how will spiritual discernment increase within you? This day I bless you with words to help you to grow in awareness and discernment.


1. Awareness is an ability that will grow when you learn to listen more than you speak. You must develop spiritual sight, but it is best to begin with listening for the eyes of the spirit are rooted within and are not as the eyes of the flesh. Your physical eyes see, but your heart can see far more than you understand. Listen to the sounds of life around you. Listen to what people say and listen to the sound behind their words. If you develop an attentive ear, you shall become more aware of the needs and wants of those all around you. Speaking often drowns out the attentive ear.


2. Awareness will grow when you learn to listen more to our voice within. You hear with your ears and your spirit. The first principle is to help you to hear the voices of others, but you must also become more aware of our voice within. Again, the key is found in listening more than you speak. Our voice within will guide your words and your actions by placing our thoughts within you. Be still before me and hear my voice. I shall help you to hear the sound behind the words of others so that you will become aware of their deep desires, wants and needs. If you become aware of the voice of the spirit, you shall also hear words spoken by my angels of light for they also whisper unto you and their words will come unto you as thoughts and leadings.


3. Awareness will grow in our presence. We know the needs of everyone you meet each day and we know your needs. To become a beacon of light and love, you must become aware of needs so you must know the sound of spirit. You cannot respond to needs and wants if not known of you. Love is a need that all possess and this is the root of the work to be done. Begin with love, and in love you will hear and you will see. Love and light grow in our presence. In our presence you will hear with acuteness and you will see clearly. Our spirit calls unto you and speaks unto you far more than you hear. Angels do appear unto you in human form but you fail to see. The power of our presence shall open your eyes and ears unto the world of the spiritual realm.


4. Awareness will grow when you learn to see with the eyes of the spirit. You must see with your physical eyes, but you must let what you see be guided by the eyes of the spirit. Things are not always as they appear. Use wisdom and discernment to grow in awareness. We have told you to not always seek to embrace someone who sheds tears. Tears do not always mean sadness or joy; tears can come as a result of anger or rebellion. Look to see and then listen to hear our voice. We will guide you if you will be still and seek our guidance. Too often people react based on what they see or hear before knowing what the situation is and before knowing what the appropriate action or response might be.


5. Spiritual discernment will grow with the power of prayers of communion for communion requires presence. Many lack the power of discernment for they only use the tools of the flesh. You are spirit, light and breath within a clay temple. You are to use the ears and eyes of flesh but emotions and feelings are rooted in the spirit. Our spirit, breath and light dwell in your midst. Feelings and urgings can be our spirit speaking unto you. Slow down and open your eyes and your ears and listen to the sound of your heart and let your heart see. Pray and seek the gift of spiritual discernment for it will bring power unto your words and actions.


6. Spiritual discernment is the power of knowing and is seen in actions of wisdom. Knowing what to say and when to say it is the power of the correct word. Discernment gives power to words but discernment also gives power unto actions. Knowing what to do and when and how to do it brings power unto you. When do you offer words of comfort and when do you leave someone to be alone in their moment? When do you linger to listen and when do you walk away? The answer to knowing is rooted in understanding and wisdom. Discernment gives power to understanding and to wisdom. To know you must hear and you must obey which leads to the final principle I desire to give you this day.


7. Spiritual discernment and awareness will grow in the light of obedience. You must be silent and still to hear our voice, and you must listen and then you must obey. We speak more than you hear, and at times you hear, but you do not obey for you are timid or unsure if it was our voice that you heard. How can you go as led if you do not obey the voice that guides and leads? Be people who listen and people who see. Be reflective thinkers and use judgment rooted in heavenly wisdom. If you will open your heart, you will see and you will hear a world that is hurting and a world in great need of love, mercy, kindness and wisdom. Know what to say and know what to do by hearing our voice and by walking in the power of awareness and discernment.”




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