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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 4 Issue 3


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David Nix

Monday, 5/2/2011

"I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and gentle shepherd. These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and are words to bring light and joy unto my beloved ones. In past days you received words about a woman named Patricia who lost her sight but saw with a heart of love. She wrote many poems and some have been shared with you. This day by the power of the cloud of glory my servant of the latter days shall see Patricia as she recites some of her poems unto her friends. She was not filled with pride by the requests to hear her words for she knew and understood that the eyes of the heart were given unto her by heavenly love. She knew that her poems were spoken unto her heart by angels of love. She was a rare and wonderful woman who filled my heart with joy. She sleeps, but by the power of the cloud of glory I get to see her once more and get to hear her words of love and beauty. Let the poems written by Patricia bring you joy and let them help you to see your heart with eyes of truth and see if you need to make changes within. I bless my servant with seeing her as she speaks and I bless each of you with her words.”


The Heart of the Stranger


"A stranger passed me by this day and then she stopped to watch me,

She watched me as I walked and then I stopped and turned back unto her.

She stood as I approached and she took my extended hand and we were still,

No words passed between us but our hearts joined in that moment.


She squeezed my hand and then brushed my check with a kiss and departed,

Who was this stranger that touched my heart so deeply this day?

What is within the heart of a stranger, what thoughts fill their days?

Is the heart of a stranger a mystery I cannot understand, will I know?


What was in the heart of the stranger who stopped me on my way this day?

Did she feel pity for me or was it her heart that saw who I truly am?

The heart of the stranger has dreams and the heart of the stranger knows joy,

The heart of the stranger has been broken and tears of sadness have flowed.


We go through life not seeing the heart of the stranger, afraid we walk alone,

Would we be strangers if we spoke the words of our heart unto each other?

Would we find common memories, common fears and common hopes?

The heart of the stranger called unto me this day, a moment was shared.


Her perfume was expensive and she walked with a quiet dignity and grace,

She was a woman of wealth this I know but there was sadness within.

She spoke no words but her hands told the story of a life of comfort,

Wealth she has but in the heart of the stranger there was a longing.


A depth that something is missing, something money will not buy,

How can I know these things you might ask, I know for I truly see.

My eyes are blind but my heart sees and I saw the heart of the stranger,

And as I stood and wept she knew that the heart of a stranger sees.”



Puppies and Kittens


"I sat in the park this day and I heard a child’s joyful laugh,

I heard a puppy bark and I heard a kitten meow, joy filled my heart.

My mind turned back the pages unto the days of puppies and kittens,

Days of joy as a puppy licked my face and a little kitten purred.


I could see the child in my mind as he played with his puppy so dear,

And I heard the little girl speak words of love unto the soft kitten.

I smiled at the wonder of an innocent child and puppies and kittens,

Innocence of heart, and tender hearts of love that in some pass away.


I heard a woman complain when the puppy jumped up to be petted,

And I laughed with joy when he began to lick my hands that reached out.

Why do we grow old and grouchy, where are the joys we once knew?

Something is missing, something is wrong in hearts that find no joy.


One who does not see joy in a child with puppies and kittens is lost,

Sadness has won a victory and their heart has lost youthful joy.

I heard the old woman protest when the little girl took her the kitten,

‘Do you want to pet my Kitty,’ she asked, as she held the kitty outward.


I did not see the look upon the old woman’s face but I heard the sound,

It was a sound of innocence and a sound of youthful love.

The kitten purred as the old woman petted her and held her close,

Oh the healing power found in the love of puppies and kittens.”





Light in the Fog


"Fog covered the city this day, it was cold and chilled me deep within,

The fog was a shroud upon me and I thought of a warm fire.

Warmth of fire and warmth of love with my husband dear, a hot cup of tea,

I shivered and walked ahead looking for my light in the fog.


I came to my door and the light of love greeted me with a kiss,

I sat by the fire and sipped my tea, I found comfort from the fog.

My thoughts turned unto the men of the sea and the perils they face,

Lost in the fog of the night seeking the light to rescue and save.


The light in the fog calls the sailor home and brings him rest,

Men gathered by the fire sipping warm tea or a glass of ale.

Safe in the harbor once more, saved by the light in the fog,

Peace and safety as the light in the fog led them to the shore.


My Savior, I was as the men lost in the fog upon the oceans deep,

I was cold and alone in the fog and I searched for a light to save.

Your light rescued me, your light has set me truly free, such love,

I hold my cup of tea and I reflect upon my Savior so dear.


Rescued from a life of sadness, a life of self-pity and despair,

You are the light in the fog, you shine through the darkness of life.

You placed your warm arms around me and led me to thy light, thy warmth,

You are the light in the fog, I hold my husband’s hand and I praise you.”





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