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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 4 Issue 3


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David Nix

Monday, 5/2/2011

"I am the Almighty God above all things, I am the Eternal Light and the Ancient of Days. There are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and are words of love and guidance to help my people to walk in the joy of light and truth. I speak this night unto my servant and unto his loved ones who are with him. My words are a blessing unto them and shall be a blessing unto all who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Time has passed and the people of my tiny remnant desire to see our hand of power come unto you in a mighty way. For those who hunger and thirst I give you bread from heaven and rain from above; for those who doubt and grow impatient I give you words of love and hope. Why do you doubt my presence, my power and my love when you hold words from heaven in your hands? The greatest miracle of your lifetime is held in your hands for these words given in the latter days are the sign given that the time of the Lord thy God has come. The Day of the Lord is spoken of within our written word and my prophets of old have declared the events of the latter days and these days are upon you. Seek mercy and light to come upon all who dwell upon the earth.


This night my servant feels my presence deeply for he goes deeper into the depth of the place of knowing. He approaches the second veil and he knows what is required of him. I speak clearly unto him for he is my chosen vessel and I speak clearly unto my chosen people. My desires for you have not been shrouded in mystery for our words given in the latter days are clear. I desire purity, holiness and righteousness to be seen in your thoughts, words and actions. I yearn for you to know the joy found deep within the light of our presence for I love you and only desire good for you in all things. Truth has been given and truth must be accepted and applied and obeyed. I hear your prayers and I move in ways not always seen by you. An earthquake was prophesied and then held back by hands of mercy, but I told you it would be and the earth did shake. You see how our words are being fulfilled as natural disasters increase and your nation and the nations of the world go deeper into the ways of darkness. Do not be lulled to sleep when events do not occur as you desire and when you desire, for the unfolding of the words of my prophets shall only be done by my will and by my power.


The days of woe are coming and all has been made ready. I could bring all my desires to pass without your help for I have all power. It is my desire to use men to be laborers of the harvest. Men serving men, men sacrificing for one another and men giving their all for others is the pattern of revival and redemption. I desire you to rescue and to save others by the power of your prayers and by the power of your life of love and mercy. You have been chosen to be involved in the greatest harvest known unto man. You shall see mighty works and miracles beyond any seen before, yet some grow impatient and seek to question my will and my perfect timing. Will you finish the race set before you or will you allow whispered words of doubt to defeat you? Unto those who speak foolish words I give you words of my love. Do not become discouraged when I do not move as you desire, and do not speak words of disobedience and do not murmur against me. I know your every thought, and I hear every word and I see every action. I shall not fail you dear ones, but you must see with the eyes of light and do not allow current circumstances to rob you of future blessings. I am the Lord thy God and I am ever with you.


I have a desire of those who seek to walk closer unto me and my Son. If you murmur and obey reluctantly, you lose blessings and the fullness of light evades you, but if you cheerfully and willingly obey my will, blessings come unto you. My servant will soon be ready to go unto the second place of knowing, but before the veil will be removed he shall enter into a time of fasting and a time of much prayer. More will be asked of him than in days past for the days of woe approach. During his days of prayer I shall ask some of you to come unto his home to help him. You will be asked to fast with him and to pray with him and for him. I shall tell him when this is to be and he shall send out my call unto you. Those who murmur will not come and those who do not seek to go deeper shall be turned away. I do not   show favoritism within the body of my people, I see the heart and I give blessings unto those who hear my call and unto those who answer. It will be a time of fasting and prayer and not a time for foolish chatter. Search deep within and see if you too are ready to become a warrior of prayer. I bless my servant and his loved ones with a song, and my words bring power and light unto all who shall hear and believe.

To Hear My Voice


What would a man give to hear my voice, to receive words of love?

Would he forsake the path of sin, would he forsake the pulls of the flesh?

Would a man climb a great mountain to see and touch my hand?

What would a man do if he could receive words from on High?


To hear my voice is the dream of many upon the earth, it is their desire,

They yearn and they cry out for me to hear them and for me to speak.

Just a sign dear Lord, could you reveal your desire for me please,

Just to hear my voice men would sell all they possess, all held dear.


My voice cries out in the words of this song, blessings unto man,

Words given in the latter days, words of love, words of great power.

To hear my voice men have fasted many days, men have cried out,

What price would you pay, what would you give to hear my voice?

I sing this night through my chosen servant, I sing through my power,

My voice joins his voice and I sing, but it is his voice, my words.

Those who have heard know it is my voice that speaks through him,

But some have heard my voice and not the voice of one chosen of me.


Hear my beloved ones, hear the change as I sing unto you this night,

Hear the melody grow stronger, hear the voice grow in depth and power.

I sing unto you and it is my voice you hear not the voice of my servant,

A blessing given unto those beloved, a night to cherish and remember.


My servant has heard my voice speak unto him often in his spirit,

He has heard me speak and sing through him, he has felt my power.

My servant has also heard my voice speak, oh what a blessing given unto you,

To hear my voice what would you sacrifice, what price would you pay?”



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