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Ken Nix

Thursday, 3/17/2011

Poem by Kristin Nix

I stand. I stand before a pit. There is fog and cries from within, but through the fog I cannot see.

I am on the ledge and cannot move any further forward without falling. I am trapped.

There are those I love beside me. Our ground beneath us fails. We cannot stay here.

I hear voices from the other side. Some beside me also hear, but some do not.

Others have crossed this pit. They call to me to follow them. They pray for me and send me strength.

How can I cross? There is no bridge. I see nothing. Only fear and loneliness await my first step.


I look up and I see him. He has not left me behind. I reach for him.

Please take my hand and carry me across. I cannot make it alone, there is no bridge.

He calls unto me. There is a way. My flesh cannot see it. My spirit will walk.

Please take my hand Lord, help me!

He reaches again, but one step stands between my holding his hand.

One step and he will carry me across.

He does not leave. He waits for me. I am with those I love. How can I leave them?

 He has helped others across already, will he help me? And will he help those left to go?

How can I leave them? What if they do not follow? Do they not see the ground beneath us fail?

Why do they not wish to cross?

 Again he calls unto me to take the first step.

One step and my hand is safe within his. Can I take that one step or shall I fall?


My heart fills with fear and excitement. I yearn to be on the other side.

Will my loved ones see my step? Will they see him carry me safely and follow?

Iíve gone as far as I can here, and he waits for me. He will leave none behind but they must take the step.

My heart stands still and I step forward. I see nothing, but feel

solid ground beneath me.

One step and I feel his hand grab mine. He is warm and gentle.

How long until we reach the other side? What awaits me there?

Will the others follow me?


In silence he looks to me and smiles. He holds my hand a little tighter and we begin to walk.

This is not the last pit to cross over. But I remember his love. He did not fail me.

He will not fail the others. I will join those who call and pray from the other side.

We will call to them and pray they remember our step of faith.

And he will wait. His hand will stretch out, only one step away.






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