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Words of The Latter Rain

Volume 1, Issue 3, July 2008


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The Sacrifice of Light

David Nix

Thursday, 7/31/2008

 God and Jesus continue to bless me, and have expanded upon the times when I see images within my mind when they speak. I have been blessed to see the visions of the parables, but within the last few months they have also shown me images of the events described in songs and also certain messages. In this newsletter, I saw images with this message, the message about the armies of heaven, and also the beautiful message about the heart of the  father. When this message was given, I was instructed to  write about the images given. I saw the face of Jesus  for the first time when Parable 80 was given. Prior to that time I had seen his body, but his face was always fuzzy. I saw him as he appeared as a man, and since that time I have seen his image in several of the parables.  In this message I saw him as he was talking to his disciples. As he spoke the image changed and I saw him being tied and beaten by the Roman soldier. I saw the whip strike his body and I saw his blood splatter. Then the scene changed and I saw the entire earth from heaven. When the drops of his blood hit the dirt, I saw the entire earth light up with a very bright light. Each drop of his blood caused the entire earth to light up. The light filled the earth, the land and oceans were filled with a brilliant light. I saw this several times as his blood was spilled.

I then saw Jesus upon the cross and again as his blood fell to the ground beneath him the scene would change and I would see the earth enveloped with light. It was like a brilliant flash of light with each drop. Then I saw him die, and when he died the entire earth lit up and stayed enveloped in light. I then saw the entire earth shake as by a great worldwide earthquake. I then saw graves opened in various parts of the earth and the dead were raised. His blood is light. It was an amazing thing to see, and I praise them for the images that they give to me.

I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and King. I am your Savior, and by my sacrifice you have victory over sin and victory over darkness. There is great power within you, for the power of light resides within. Man is made of the light, and the light of the Father and the Son can also burn within temples of clay that have surrendered and received the power of our spirit. I desire men to walk in the ways of light, and to become beacons of light and love. I will share with you words that I spoke unto my disciples when I walked the earth as a man. David, I shall show you the events of my words, you shall see the power of my blood and the power of light as I speak. One drop of blood sheds light, for I am the light of the world, and I am the Redeemer of all men. Hear the words which I spoke unto my disciples, and then hear my words given unto my servant for the people of the latter days.

‘My servants, it is my desire that you learn more of the ways of sacrifice, and the ways of love. Love is a sacrifice, for love is outward and love gives, love which remains inside without expression is not the fullness of love. Love is rooted in the spirit, and to know the fullness of love it must be expressed. Love gives, and love serves, love places others before self, and love cares, and love nurtures. My Father’s love is seen in his sacrifice and his actions. His love is outwardly expressed unto all that exist. His love is seen in all that is created and in all that lives. His love is seen in the rainbow, and in the gentle breezes of the night. His love is seen in his greatest act of sacrifice. My Father and I are one in spiritual love, for he is in me and I am in him. He sent me here to walk as a man so that my sacrifice of love can deliver and redeem. He will suffer when I suffer, and he shall know sorrow as I know sorrow, for he is in me and I am in him.

My time with you will soon come to an end; the Son of Man must be delivered up, and shall be tried and found guilty of love. All my actions have been of love, all my words and deeds have been rooted in goodness. Men will lie and blaspheme to bring about my sacrifice, but this is the will of the Father, for my death has been established before the world was made. You shall be witnesses of my sacrifice of love, and you too shall know sorrow and pain as you make your sacrifices of love. When you walk in the obedience of love you walk the path given. You must sacrifice your time and your life for the needs of my flock. The world is in darkness, and you must become a sacrifice of light, for I am the sacrifice of light. You must remain in the light, so you must strengthen the spirit which shall be given unto you, and you must subdue the flesh, for the ways of the flesh are against the light. You are flesh, and the needs of the flesh are good and pure within the light, but outside of the light will lead to destruction if the flesh leads. Be at peace my children, for you shall see me again when I come again after the time given. I have prepared and I am ready to shed my blood as a sacrifice of light and love.’

David, my servant, you shall see the blood that flowed, and you shall see the light that filled and covered the earth. This message is for the newsletter. Write of the visions given, and write as I lead you my son. There is power in light, and there is power in my shed blood, for it is light and shall always be light. There is no counterfeit for my shed blood, and there is complete victory by the blood I shed. Use the power of my blood and my name and sacrifice each day for those you love and for a world in darkness.”



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