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Ken Nix

Thursday, 3/17/2011

Ages 6-11  n    The Fruits   n   


Showing Love In All You Do — Lesson One

By Matthew Nix


This first lesson is on ways to show love.  The message used is parable 73, “The Most Perfect Love of All.” This is a parable from the Lord Jesus found in The Latter Rain, book two. It is about a time when Jesus went to visit Joseph, his father on earth, before he passed away. There are many examples of ways that love is shown.  The children will participate by pointing out who showed love and how they showed it.  The children will make a gift to give to someone they love. Giving to others is one way to show someone that you love them!


Opening Prayer & Praise/Closing Prayer


Begin each lesson with an opening prayer to ask God’s guidance over the lesson for that day. After the prayer, ask the children if they have any praises to share. Start out by sharing one of your own. Help them by asking them about things they are thankful  for or about something good that has happened to them that week. Praise the Mighty Ones often and the children will respond to the example set. When there is five minutes left, have the children gather in a circle, hold hands and say a closing prayer. This will help get the children used to praying in the groups with the adults. Tell the children that no one has to say a prayer, but they can if they would like to.



The Law of Love

“Love must be rooted in a heart of goodness, and love must be rooted in a heart of gratefulness. Without a heart of thankfulness and gratefulness, love will not grow, for love will diminish in selfishness. It is selfishness to seek blessings and not be thankful for the blessings received. In gratefulness the light of love can grow. In worship, praise and thanksgiving you shall see the spirit of gratefulness grow. Thank the Mighty Ones for all blessings, praise them for each blessing, and worship them for their blessings of love and



After prayer and praise you can begin by reading the law of light. A life situation will be given each lesson to help them learn and live the laws.


Life Situation: A young boy named Justin is upset because his father will not buy him a new toy. He already has many great toys at home. Justin goes home disappointed and doesn’t want to play with his old toys.

Question: What could Justin have done differently to follow the law of love?

Answer: He could have showed love by being thankful and glad about the toys he had.


Read & Discuss


Read the excerpt from parable 73 “The Most Perfect Love of All.”  There are many ways where love is shown and expressed. Tell the children before you read it to look for ways that love is shown. The power of love in family is seen along with the amazing love of Jesus and our Father in Heaven. After the parable is read, there are questions and answers that go with this lesson.  The Bible verse can be read before or after reading the parable.

Lessons Learned

God’s love for us is perfect, and he greatly desires to show his love for us each day. He knows the desires of our hearts and will pour blessings upon those who love and obey him. He saw the love and longing heart of Joseph and answered his prayers by bringing Jesus to his side.

If we follow the laws of love and light, God will bless us with unimaginable joy. Joseph was thankful and loved flowed from him even at the time  of  his passing. He showed love and gratefulness through his words to his family and through praises to the Almighty Father in Heaven. If we show love and are thankful for all the blessings God gives to us, we will know great joy and peace.

We  must surrender and accept the destiny God has in store for us. In God’s mercy and perfect will he allowed Joseph to pass because he knew the sorrow he would feel to see the sufferings of Jesus. God’s will is always perfect, and his love is seen in all that he does. If we surrender and let him lead, we will know his great love always.

Questions & Answers


1.  Question:  Who showed love in this parable?

      Answer:    Everyone! The Almighty and the Lord Jesus showed love by their actions.  God showed love by sending Jesus to Joseph, Jesus by going to be with his father on earth, Mary and her children for being there for Joseph, Joseph by worshipping God and speaking words of love to all who were with him, and even Michael for being obedient to the Father in Heaven.

2. Question: What are some things we can do to show love to our families?

     Answer:   We show love to our families by honoring and obeying them, helping with chores and doing acts of kindness, sharing with our brothers and sisters, telling them we love them and giving hugs.

3. Question: What are some things we can do to show love to God and Jesus?

     Answer:   Loving others and helping all we meet, obeying all their commands with a glad heart, speaking with them often through prayer and telling them that we love them.

 Sharpening The Sword


1 Corinthians 12:31 NIV

1—If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. 2—If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains but have not love, I am nothing.

Response:  Showing love is what we are required to do. We can be very smart and have

many possessions, but if we do not have love in our lives we are empty and have nothing.







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