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Ken Nix

Thursday, 3/17/2011

In the following pages you will find children’s lessons prepared by the ministers, Matthew Nix and Travis Nix. Jesus instructed them almost a year ago to start preparing children’s lessons. We received instructions that these lessons are now to be incorporated into the newsletter so that parents can start teaching their children from them. The lessons are beginning with the fruits of the tree of life. The lessons were prepared with the concept that they would be covered within a fifteen to twenty minute time frame. The lessons can take longer depending on what depth the parent or teacher decides to instruct. I know you will find them beneficial and I praise the Lord for them. These lessons will be under the heading of “Light Unto Tender Hearts.”  They begin on the next page.

             This lesson is taken from the 73rd parable, “The Most Perfect Love of All



By travis nix


What is Love? Defining love will be your main objective as you begin with this volume on the fruit of love. Love is sometimes difficult to truly put into words, but to a child, love is in a smile, a hug, and in simple moments of life, such as a puppy who says, “I love you,”  with a wet nose. It is your job as a teacher, to teach the children about the origin of love. Love is from the Father (Almighty God) and his beloved Son. They did not create love for they are love. We are made in the likeness of the Mighty Ones of heaven, therefore we too have the ability to be love. What does it mean to be love? You must remember that love is not an emotion that we are to occasionally express, but rather it is like our very breath, it is to flow from us, it is to be who we are as followers of God. In this lesson, you will show the great love that Jesus had for his Father. Therefore, showing that we too are to have great love for our Father in heaven. Children are greatly beloved in the eyes of heaven, and God desires their love in return. How do children show their love for God? This lesson will teach the children all the ways that they can say, “I love you,” and have hearts of gold, hearts like Jesus, everyday. As the teacher, remember, have fun and be an example of love unto the children; as you are building blocks to the love of God, you are also building the hearts and minds of God’s little treasures.





Open with prayer! In the beginning, the teacher needs to say the prayer, this way you can mention the lesson for that day, and ask God’s blessing upon the class. Pray as God leads you! Make sure that all the children are either standing or sitting and being absolutely silent. The children will have opportunities to pray at the closing of class, therefore opening prayer is solely up to you as the teacher.

When offering up praise, let the children express themselves. Make praise fun and exciting! For this lesson, you may choose a song that goes along with the lesson; or you may simply play a song and allow the children to dance and praise God and Jesus. If you select a song, I would suggest keeping the same song for much of the volume, especially if you have interest in teaching them the song to perform in front of the church. Remember, God loves the sound of little voices praising him and his Son! 

 Teacher Tip: (During story time, use my words as only a guideline; make the stories your own, just keep the words from God and Jesus intact. This will be true for all of the lessons.)

For today’s story, your main objective will be to express the love that Jesus has for his Father. You will also be helping the child to understand that they too are loved by Almighty God and are to love God with all their hearts!


This is a story about our Lord Jesus and the love that he has for his Father, the Almighty God in heaven. That is right, God is Jesus’ Daddy; and Jesus loves him so much! Did you know that we too are God’s children. God is your Daddy too! He created you and made you who you are. This is where we begin to understand what “perfect love” means. God loves you no matter what! You are precious in his eyes and will always remain so. We belong to God first! God made us in love and he wants us to show him love in return. How do we do that? Well, we will find out, but first let us share a story about Jesus.


The Lord Jesus came to earth so that he could save us all from our sins and that we may one day live forever.  Jesus left his throne where he was always by his Father’s side and came to earth so that we could truly learn the most valuable lesson of all, and that is that God loves us so much that he sent his only Son to die for us (John 3:16).  That is love! But Jesus missed his Father very much. Jesus knew however, that they still had each other; for after all, God is only a prayer away. Jesus was blessed greatly with family and friends but he still needed God. Therefore, Jesus did all that he was destined to do, for he desired to please God and live according to God’s will for his life. Jesus had a heart of gold and showed his love for his Father by living a life of love. Jesus wanted to express his love to God, and one of the ways he did so was with prayer and song. Jesus knew that God was always close, but he longed to see his Father once more. We need to have a relationship with God and live to give him all praise and glory. Therefore, that is exactly what Jesus did! One day, Jesus spoke to his Father by a tree; however this was no ordinary tree, for it was a tree of great power. Jesus lifted up a most beautiful prayer and song unto his Father. Now we are going to read Jesus’ prayer and then we will read his song (Read both Jesus’ prayer and song from parable 73).




Express to the children that love is in everything that they do! We say, “I love you” when we listen to our parents and do what we are told just as Jesus did. We also show God our love by shining for him, meaning always being thankful for our blessings, using good manners and telling others about God’s love. It is also important to understand that prayer and praise is significant in expressing our love for God. Tell God that you love him and sing to him! Return God’s love by loving him as yourself and your neighbor as yourself (The Fullness of God’s Love). What does it mean to love?

Love is giving lots of hugs and kisses! Love is always wearing a smile! Love is holding God’s creation! Love is being kind! Love can be so many things!

 (As the teacher, mention anything that comes to your mind; let the children tell you what love means to them!) There is also great power in saying, “I love you!” Never be afraid to speak what is in your heart, let the world hear the love that you have inside and for all the things that you feel are from God. If you are happy, it is love, or if you fall down, love will make it all better. Love surrounds you!

(Join in with the class as you all tell God how much you love him!)

Now, repeat after me…...I love you God!

Briefly discuss ways to show love, such as playing nicely with others, giving gifts, sharing your smile with the world, being kind unto others, praising God for a full belly, working hard, and listening to your parents or elders.




Activity: Tree of Love

Activity Objective: To teach the children that we must all live by the fruits of life, with love being the foundation.

Have tree, heart, and activity accessories pre-cut and shaped to liking; this will include a tree trunk, the top part of a tree (leaves), and a wicker basket. Connect the tree pieces with glue, then paste the basket at the base of the tree with the child’s name; this will represent filling their lives with the fruit of love.

Have the children decorate the hearts, leaves, tree, and basket. Decorating for this activity can be done with glitter, crayons, markers, sequins, beads, or whatever you may have available.

Glue the hearts onto the tree. Make sure to help the children if needed.

Write the child’s name on the basket and explain to the child what it is they have just created. Re-emphasize the importance of growing the fruit of love in their lives, and when they show love, then they too are growing this same fruit in heaven.


Close each lesson (class) in prayer. Have the children get into a circle. It may be a good idea to hold some of the smaller ones. Again, pray as you are led. If time permits, allow children to say a short prayer if desired to express themselves and speak of their love for God. After prayer, give everyone a BIG hug!! Thank the class and tell them that you can not wait to see them all again! As the children leave, hand out a snack and juice box. The snack can correlate with the lesson, for example, on love you can do heart shaped crackers, red fruit (watermelon), mini heart shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, etc.







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