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Ken Nix

Thursday, 3/17/2011

I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and gentle shepherd.  These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and are words to help my people to grow in the power of acceptance.  The world has changed greatly since man was first created, and you see change that has occurred within your own lifetime.  Change comes each day for the world becomes filled with more darkness as the hearts of men accept the changes that darkness brings unto them.  Change is a part of life, but acceptance of change must be done with wisdom. If you accept all change, your life will be filled with confusion, and you will be as a leaf upon the ocean, and you will lack foundation and strength.  What causes change to become reality is seen in acceptance of change.  If change is rejected and not accepted, then change will not occur.  You must know when to reject and when to accept for change is good when the change is of the light.  The Lord God is the Great I AM and the Ancient of Days, and he changes not, and I am the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  We do not change, but do not confuse action with change.  Our actions do change based upon your actions.  If you repent before us, our heart changes and we forgive.  The change is within you, so your change brings forth action.  All that we do is rooted in light, love and goodness.  We do not change from the absolute law of light for we are light and in us there is no darkness.


There are laws of light that are absolute and cannot be changed.  We are mercy and love and this will never change.  We will never accept darkness and we will never make compromise with evil.  We accept change from you only when your change is of the light.  When you sin, we do not justify your sin nor do we accept your sin for sin is never acceptable unto us.  Men seek to change things that are absolute laws of light, and this cannot be done.  You can accept the changes of darkness, but your acceptance does not change the truth of light.  Men have accepted the change of their day of worship to the first day of the week, but our command is to remember the Sabbath day which is the seventh day so mans acceptance does not bring forth a change in our law for our law changes not.  Men accept change that is against the absolute laws of heaven, and acceptance does bring about change within them.  Acceptance of change when change is rooted in darkness causes you to sin and to separate yourself from our presence.  Union between two men or two women is accepted by many upon the earth, and men are taught that this should be accepted and embraced as good.  Acceptance of sin and evil does not make sin and evil acceptable unto me and my Father.  Is acceptance of sin acceptable in our eyes?  You know that we do not compromise with evil, and you must not accept change that is evil.



You must use the power of prayer to seek change that is acceptable in our eyes.  Pray for the sinner lost and alone, and pray for them to change from darkness to light.  Change comes unto all men, but the key to change is found in your acceptance of change.  Change is good when the change is of the laws of heaven.  Repentance requires lasting change for change is good when the change is putting away evil and darkness.  Living together in sin was once thought of as an evil thing, but many upon the earth today accept this as good or they accept this as a sign of the times.  When did sin become something to be accepted and embraced?  As my people you must not accept change that is against the absolute law of heaven.  Sin is sin, and sin shall always be sin.  Homosexuality is an abomination before us and this shall not change.  Our love for man lost in this type of evil does not change for our love is unchanging, but we do not accept evil and call it good.


Your life changes and you must look to see that the changes you allow are of the light.  Reject evil and accept that which is good.  Some change is beyond your control, but you must decide if what has changed should be accepted by you.  If one that you love chooses to walk a path of darkness, your love for them should not change, for love is to be a constant light, but your actions should change for you must not accept their path and call it good.  Men also fail in acceptance of change for they will condemn the change and call it evil but then make allowances for the evil they condemn.  It is not acceptable unto us when you condone evil and allow evil within your gates for evil is evil and darkness is darkness.  I desire you to examine your heart and to look at your life and to see if the changes in your life are of the light or of the darkness.  Do you embrace darkness and do you allow or accept darkness?


I desire love to be a constant light within you, but I do not desire you to compromise my law and my light by accepting that which is evil.  Men seek to destroy our law by teaching that there are no absolute laws and that change is good and that society must evolve and grow, and all men must be accepted and embraced regardless of their religion, values or beliefs.  This is change that has come, but it is acceptance of evil.  To change our heart requires truth and light.  Prayers spoken unto gods made by men do not bring change.  We hear every word spoken, but we do not answer prayers spoken to false gods.  If we answered prayers spoken to a false god, then we would be accepting the false teaching that it does not matter who you pray to as long as you pray.  We shall never accept darkness as light, and we shall never accept evil as good.  Your acceptance of evil changes you but does not change our law and our hearts.  Seek change that is of the light, but do not seek evil and do not accept evil.  The law of light is unchangeable and shall always be as was set forth.  Our mercy supersedes the law, but our mercy does not change or negate our law. 


My death did bring forth many changes unto man, but all that was changed was of the light.  The veil was rent, and man has access unto the most holy, and men no longer are to sacrifice animals to cover sin for my blood removes sin.  Someday our Feast Days shall all be memorials; this will not change our law but will change the way men understand our law.  The resurrection of the first fruits will bring about change, and the change will be good.  Things do change and events and actions of others bring about change.  Change is good, but you must only accept the changes that are of the light of heaven.  Learn the power of acceptance and seek to walk always in the light of heaven.





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