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Words Of The Latter Rain



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Ken Nix

Thursday, 3/17/2011

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and gentle shepherd.  These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and are words to help my people to see the power of a new day.  It is my desire that words given during my servant’s forty day journey be placed here for all to read.  Let the poem entitled, “With the Lord There is Always a Tomorrow” be placed here for my words shall expand upon what was given, and I also bless you with more words from the man who wrote this poem of power and beauty.

With the Lord There Is Always A Tomorrow


‘My life has been filled with such peace, blessings from heaven have been bestowed,

Mercy like rain has been poured upon me and the Lord has ever been my guide.

I have faced death and I have known sorrow but my Lord hath my life delivered,

With the Lord there is always a tomorrow, I praise him for his great love.


I am but a simple man and I never dreamed that the Lord had a desire for me,

But the Lord called my name and the Lord sent me forth to proclaim his name,

I have seen mighty miracles and I have showed praises for everyone given,

Blessings I have known for with the Lord there is always a tomorrow.


I have known the love of a woman precious and dear,

 joy has filled so many days,

I have held children close unto me and love has flowed from my cheerful heart.

Days of sunshine, days of laughter and days of the wonderful gift of life,

I praise and thank you my God, for with the Lord there is always a tomorrow.


I have been a witness of thy name and I have led lost souls unto the water,

Life changed, relationships restored all done by the power of thy great love.

I have stood with hundreds and we have sang our praises of love unto thee,

And I have knelt and wept in prayer for the loss of loved ones so dear.


The blessings of the Lord have never departed from me in sunshine or sorrow,

Tender mercies of heaven given for with the Lord there is always a tomorrow.

Thank you my Savior and King, I bless and I praise the name above all names,

Thank you for a wonderful life, thank you for so many tomorrows.


I am in prison and tomorrow I am told that my life shall be brought to an end,

I have no fear of death for with the Lord there is always a tomorrow.

I bow before you and I praise you and I worship, I will not be afraid,

My life is held in your hands for I know that with the Lord 

there is always a tomorrow.’



There is truth in the words of the poem for by our love and mercy there is always a tomorrow for you.  Time does not apply unto the Great I AM for he is beyond time, but time does apply unto you and unto me.  I am the power of now and I am with you.  I am ancient in days, but I am not eternal.  I live this day with you, and I do not live with you in the future.  Only my Father is the Eternal Presence.  Yesterday has passed, and this is a new day and in us there is hope for this day and for tomorrow.  Do not live only for the future for I am the power of now so this day can be a day to bring forth repentance and change and a day to walk closer unto me.  Words have been given unto my servant about the power of my yoke, and he shall share what was given so that all can learn.  Take my yoke upon you each day for I am the power of now.  The poem that I desired to be placed with my words was written by a man named Cassias, and he was a faithful servant.  I was greatly moved by his poem and his prayer, and I sent my angels unto him to deliver him.  He escaped his prison that night and preached words of love and light for seven more years before his death.  In the days ahead my servant shall be given more words from Cassias by the power of the cloud of glory.  The words I bless you with were spoken by Cassias when he stood to preach light and truth unto those who sought the true light of heaven.  His words will help you to see the power of yesterday, today and tomorrow.”


“Dear people of Corinth, it is with joy that I come before you this day.  What a beautiful day the Lord has blessed us with and I praise the Lord for today.  Three years ago I was sentenced to die and was in prison waiting for my execution.  The night before I was to die I spoke a poem and prayer unto the Lord God and his beloved Son, Jesus and they sent angels unto the prison and saved me.  My poem is about the fact that with the Lord there is always a tomorrow.  If I had died, my tomorrow would have been meeting my Savior in the clouds, but he had a different tomorrow for me.  Today I stand and I preach and only the Lord knows what tomorrow will bring.  I desire to speak unto you about the power of yesterday, today and tomorrow.  The Lord Jesus is the power of now and he walks with us this day.  The Lord God is also with us today, but his power is so great that he is also with us tomorrow and in the days ahead.  He is above all power and he is the Great I AM.  Yesterday is past and will not be again.  No man can go back and live again a day that has passed.  The Lord God is beyond time and can change the past, present and future, but yesterday is gone.  The power of yesterday is that it is forever past, so if we failed, it is past, and if we did well, the light goes with us.  We must let past error be always past and let the everlasting moments of light go with us.  Yesterday affects today and today affects tomorrow.  This is a new day, so all past is past, so we have a new page to write memories upon.  Let all of our words and actions this day be ones of love and light.  The power of a new day is great and is a blessing from heaven.  The promise of another day has come and the Lord gave us tomorrow today.  We live and we breathe so we can worship and serve the Lord this day.  This day we can speak words of light and love and we can be a reflection of the Lord.  This day you can kiss your loved ones and hold your children close for now you live and now you breathe.  Yesterday is past and today has come.  Each new day is filled with new moments.  If we fail, we can call upon the Lord to forgive us and to help us.  Do not wait until tomorrow to repent or to say you are sorry for words spoken or actions done for your tomorrow is affected by today.  Tomorrow is within the hands of the Lord for he is the power of today and the keeper of tomorrow.


Death could come unto you today, and your tomorrow may be changed based upon today.  In life or in death this is truth, your tomorrow is affected by today.  Light is everlasting and moments of light are also everlasting.  Light passes unto tomorrow, but sin and darkness can be past as yesterday.  There is great power in today for you live and you breathe, and you can repent and seek the mercy of the Lord.  Walk in light today for today has power tomorrow.  Today is yesterday’s tomorrow, and this brings blessings and power.  Each day when we rise, we are blessed for we have another day to praise them and to walk in the light of their presence.  Praise them for all tomorrows that become today.  With the Lord there is always a tomorrow for he is the keeper of tomorrow and the power of today.  Your tomorrow and my tomorrow is within the hands of the Lord, so let us live this day as they desire, and let us have moments of everlasting light, and let us walk in their love and light.  Yesterday has passed and tomorrow is yet to come, so let us live this day in the fullness of the Lord.”






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