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Ken Nix

Thursday, 3/17/2011

I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd.  These are words of love that are to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and are words to help my people grow in anticipation and longing.  I have given you words about how you must diligently wait and how you must do the work set before you each day.  Waiting is a very difficult thing for most people to do for impatience will come unto those who hear the whispered word or unto those who seek their will above our will.  Waiting can be a time of great joy and a time when excitement and longing will grow, but times of waiting can also lead to doubt and impatience and can lead to loss of focus and diligence.  Within all men there is light that is within breath, spirit and flesh.  The heart of man is the very midst of man for your light dwells in the midst of breath at the very core of your being.  Your light overflows unto all three levels of life, but the dwelling place of light is the heart or midst of man.  Within every man there is a heart that waits for your light within breath and spirit longs and yearns to be near unto the light of your origin.  Your heart waits and how you wait is of great importance.


You must be diligent and do the work set before you each day, but waiting is more than filling your days with work.  Your heart waits and you must let the light of our presence give power unto your heart.  Waiting can bring great joy and great anticipation, but you must learn to wait with trust and surrender.  So often men become impatient when they must wait longer than they feel is reasonable and good.  You are to seek our presence and our will and then, at times, you must wait to see what our will shall be.  Your heart waits and if you will surrender, your time of waiting shall be a time of great joy.  There can be great excitement when what you wait for is something that you greatly desire.  If you have no anticipation and excitement, then you must look to see why your desire is lacking.  Some wait for death, and there is no excitement when the event you wait for is not one of joy, but even death will bring longing for your heart waits.  I do not speak of the anticipation of death, I speak of the anticipation of the harvest of mercy.  My people have grown in knowledge and understanding and now they wait for the fullness of our light to fill and overflow.  The foundation is close to being finished, and we shall build upon the foundation that has been laid.  For some the excitement that our words have brought has waned, but each message given should give power unto your longing heart and your excitement should increase.  Every lesson taught, every principle given has been done in preparation for the harvest of mercy.  My heart waits for the harvest to begin with power, and it is my desire that your heart waits with equal anticipation.


My servant who receives these words feels my anticipation, and he feels my longing for my light is strong within him.  My people, do not grow weary in the final hours for the harvest of mercy is upon you.  There should be joy with every word given for each message is part of the foundation of truth and light that must be built.  Some have allowed doubt to come within for events have not occurred as quickly as you thought or desired.  Do I build as you command and desire or do I build with heavenly wisdom?  Do you not see that my heart also waits?  I have waited much longer than you for I am the maker of man and I long for the restoration of the fullness of our presence unto the earth.  I long and I yearn and my heart waits.  Do not allow doubt and the whispered word to negate all that has been given and all that has been done.  I hear your prayers and every heart is known unto me.  There are no thoughts that are not known for I am ever with you for I dwell in your midst.  Do not look to what you think should be given, look at what has been given and look at what has been done.  Open doors have been set before you and hearts have been prepared all over the earth.  I know how you desire to see miracles of great power and how you desire our healing power to fully manifest.  My heart desires this as well and my servants yearn and long for the fullness of our power.


My servant David has been prepared for the harvest of mercy just as you have been prepared.  You have been given many words of great power and you have grown in knowledge and love.  My servant longs for those he touches to be healed, and he desires to see miracles of great power, but he has learned the power of surrender, and his heart waits.  I have healed you, and I have protected you, and I have cared for you and nurtured you.  Do not allow impatience to cause you to lose sight of all that has been done.  The fields of harvest are before you and the fields overflow with hearts that wait.  The world is in great darkness and sadness, and sorrow fills many hearts.  The light within so many people longs for the joy and peace of my light, but they are lost and they need your light to guide and to lead.  You stand with the sword and sickle, so do not waver in the final hours for all is made ready.


You must anticipate and yearn and you must believe.  When you pray for the sick to be healed, you must believe, and when you seek the chains of darkness to fall from those you love, you must believe.  Pray through and be fervent in your prayers and know that I have called you to do a work and that work is to be as a laborer in our harvest of mercy.  Pray for healing and pray for miracles to be manifested in these latter days, and pray for heavenly mercy to come unto all men for you never know which knock shall open the door.  Your heart waits and my heart waits, so take my hand and trust in me and trust in my perfect love, will and timing.  Grow in anticipation and have joy.  Have joy in each day and in the moments of each day.  Enjoy these days of preparation and do not only look unto the days ahead.  If you only look to the future, you will miss the joy and blessings of the present.


Your heart waits and that is a good thing, but let your life be filled with joy and do the work set before you each day.  Lay stone upon stone and work, and in time a mighty tower shall be built, and it shall be a tower of light that shall be seen by all men upon the earth.  Your heart waits and I wait.  Take my hand and prepare each day for the harvest of mercy for the hearts of those lost also wait.  I am your King and I am preparing, my people.




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